My boys (Hurley & Sidney)

Relaxing after playing to their hearts content

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  • Lol.  To warm to early for this time of year.   Ugh.

    Next grooming probably Hurley will be trimmed back.

  • I just noticed that you live in Henderson. I was in Vegas Thursday and it's getting hot!  Cut those boys NOW!  :-)

  • I like to let Picco get shaggier in the winter too but the maintenance is so much harder.  I just cut him earlier this week!

  • Thank you.  Hurley's hair will be trimmed back in April or May for the summer.  I have it kept as long as the groomer can but still making sure he will be more comfortable for the hot months.   Not sure about Sidney's coat as this will be his first summer with us   His puppy coat is so silky.  I hope it stays that way.

  • What a cute pair!  I love their shaggy coats.

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