My doodle angels

My doodle angels

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  • These are two gorgeous doodles.  Mommy look great too!  Terrific photo!

  • Beautiful! 

  • What a great photo....angels for sure.

  • Beautiful Jarka!  I cannot believe the size of Auggie!  He is growing like a weed!

  • Aw, thanks, Patty.

  • 'Almost like this uncropped version more.  Has an interesting Studio feel to it.  Like Disney actors... at a photo shoot.  Just beautiful....  

  • Great photo !

  • I didn't even notice the crop until you mentioned it.  Perhaps, like me, you are being too critical of this FANTASTIC Photo?  I do it all the time.  It is the perfection we strive for. So often though, they are perfect.

    Every look at a Winning Shot on some of these photo websites than say, "Oh My Doodle, I just threw one out that looked just like that"  LOL

  • what a beautiful photo

  • Jarka, I cannot believe how big Auggie got.
    You have a handsome pair of Doodles!
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