Somewhere in this tangle of puppies is my new baby. They are 2 days old in the picture and 8 days old today.

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  • I am going to see them Saturday. They will be just 3 weeks old that day. I am going to bring my camera and start showing everyone how my baby is growing. I cannot wait.
  • Sounds like that is going to be one lucky pup....you supermom, you!!  Can't WAIT until you get your pup!

  • Hi Marnie, I would not be able to choose so it is a good thing that the breeder will chose for everyone. They know. Want a girl and there are three, two chocolate and one parti? It does not matter to me, as I love them all. I pray for a healthy happy pup.
  • O...M...G...how in heaven's name will you choose?  What number are you?  Or will the breeder make the choice for you? 



    Like it matters......CONGRATULATIONS!

  • How exciting! Bailey will be coming to live with us in about 3 weeks! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweetie as he/she grows!

  • Such a cute puppy pile : )
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