Queen of the castle.

This photo was taken a month ago. This is where Yarrow would rather be if she wasn't stuck in the house healing from her spay surgery. She loves the snow and the higher the snow pile the better.

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  • Love this pic of Yarrow ❤ We have snow piles like that around our house too, and Miss Ivy loves them too. It's so cute to see her scramble to the top of these snow mountrwins in our yard, and when she gets tothe top of them, she has this look of great satisfaction.  She is such a joy to watch and observe. I am definitely in love with my Ivy Doodle. ❤

  • I considered that but then I wondered if cells grow when they're on ice.  Plus, her next favorite thing is leaping through the deep snow with something I want, like my hat or mitten or the leash.  Playing keep-away in the deep snow is probably not advisable with stitches.  I am SO looking forward to just opening the door and letting her zoom around in the snow again.

    Yarrow's mother is a Bernese Mountain Dog and her daddy is a parti-colored standard poodle. He's cappuccino colored with darker patches.  The whole litter came out with quite classic Bernese markings.  I didn't care about her markings.  I would have loved her if the whole litter was all black, (I am partial to black dogs) but I do think she's beautiful.  In fact, the first time I saw her I cried because I didn't expect her to be SO beautiful.  (I'm a big suck!)

  • Is she a Phantom Doodle?  Hey, hanging out on the snow in that position might make her stitches feel nice!!!

  • She is so pretty. I love the markings!

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