Rooney - 8 wks

Rooney is 8 wks today!

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  • You know I knew Rooney was a boy....I just had girl on my brain (Daisy) we used to have a boy, Zach but he passed 4 years ago....we waited a long time to decide to get Daisy and we are so glad we did, she is a joy.
    Don't blame you for waiting. We each took one week off one after each other and then my mother came for 3 weeks so she had 5 solid weeks of training. It was a lot of work but fun at the same time. No she goes to work with me and is the best behaved girl....everyone is amazed at her ability to be calm and sweet.
  • Rooney is a handsome little boy! I know how hard it is to wait, but I'm sure when you get him the wait will have been worth it. The 30th will be here before you know it :)
  • Not to worry - Rooney is still with his breeder, we get him on the 30th, my little Halloween treat - LOL. His breeder does training and I opted to have Rooney stay for that. It was VERY hard to decide to leave him but I felt it would get his life off to a wonderful start. Rooney is a boy (does it sound like a girl - I never thought of that, lol). All of our animals have always been named after old movie stars - Crosbey, Humphrey, Bogart and now Rooney. If I could talk my husband into letting us get a sib for Rooney - then I'd get a little girl and name her Garland. Thanks for thinking he is cute!
  • she is going to get harder and harder to resist - don't let her get away with everything just for being too cute (though it may have already happened) :-)
  • What a sweet little face!
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