Sassparilla's tongue, this thing can almost be a water slide!

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  • I know what you mean when they are ball-obsessed.  Charlie is that way too!  Honestly, I do not think I have every seen a tongue that long! She certainly has  a beautiful coat and her coloring reminds me of Charlie's.  Hope your foot heals quickly and you can kick off the cast!  

  • This was at our last doodle romp and yes she'd been playing with the ball (it was a nice day with a slight breeze coming from the ocean).  I'm the foot with the cast in the background so we've all been grounded for the last 9 weeks so it didn't take much for her to tucker out.  We take/took lots and lots of breaks throughout the day.  For the most part if there isn't a toy or ball in her mouth the tongue is hanging out, this time though was the longest I've ever seen it!  She has a heart murmur so when we fetch we don't chase the ball long distances instead I toss it high in the air so she tracks it and catches it after the first bounce, so hardly any running.  Her obsession to play though is unbelievable she gets quite frantic about it especially when I make her wait in-between tosses.  Her heart murmur stems from her anxiety so playing is how she deals with it, she can't sit still.  Believe it or not once we got home she dropped one of her toys in my lap to continue playing!  If she had it her way she'd play 24/7 non-stop!  Please don't worry I DO NOT run her hard or in the heat.  We toss a few balls and take a break, and she's really good about stopping and catching her breath.  You can ask anyone in the southern California group she's a maniac and extremely ball obsessed.  

  • Does he do this often? He looks like he has been running in the heat!

  • That is one very majestic tongue! :-)

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