Summer 2012 brothers from another mother (and dad)

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  • Sally - it sounds like you are giving Duncan everything he needs!!!!  All he really needs is you and it sounds like you are a great mom.  Someday - down the road - maybe a sib will come but until then - just keep letting him have doggie friend time. 

  • he has lots of doggie friends!  If i didn't go back to work full time this past june i was seriously thinking of getting him a lil brother. but now it's financially not an option....not to mention i wouldn't be home like i was to raise duncan from puppyhood. Someday though! Just so i can see a similar picture.

  • Sally - getting Rooney a brother was the best thing I ever did but not everyone can take on the extra challenge.  If you can't have two dogs just make sure to take the time to let Duncan have doggie friends.  At daycare or the park, the neighbor's dog - a friend's dog.  If you have the time and extra money (vet, food, toys) then go for it --- more work = more love!!!

  • this is priceless. makes me feel bad duncan is an only doodle.

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