We have the yard back!

We have the yard back!

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  • Just look at that smile on Stuart's face...I love this!

  • He does look a little like Fozzy Bear (but cuter, of course)!

  • There is something about this picture of Stuart - then I realized that he looks like a muppet - Fozzy Bear!!

  • Great photo, Jane!

  • Great pic, Jane! Love it!
  • What a great picture, I just love to see them having such fun.

  • Love this picture! Best friends having fun!!

  • Even though you can't see Rooney's face, I LOVE this photo of Stuart!!  It shows his happy, goofy personality just as he is!

  • They look like pure fun!

  • I saw some alligator slippers in the store today called Crocs ( not related to the other shoes) and I thought of you.
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