What's going on here?

What's going on here?

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  • Adorable! Looks like your food transition has taken care of itself!
  • It's the Neater Feeder. I really like it since there are no spills and movement of bowls. Monty has always been a pretty clean eater, but the feeder will definitely come in handy with Auggie, who likes to put paws in his water bowl and spill his kibble. Auggie's feeder is just the top sitting on the ground right now without the legs since he is still too small (but apparently can get to Monty's bowls).

  • haha this is cute...interesting feeding bowls you have

  • I do understand. Eventually having both on one food is much easier. I put the food in their crates in the morning. By evening Luca's food follows us upstairs for his late night snack : ) Maybe having Auggie and his food in his crate for a meal or two would help.

  • ADORABLE!!!  What is the name of the feeder you use for Monty? 

  • They are on different food, that's what drives me crazy. Monty did not care about Auggie's food for the first few days, while Auggie has always tried to get into Monty's bowls. I don't want to switch him for another few weeks, though, and this is driving me crazy!

  • Very funny. I remember when Calla first came, she and Luca were on different food. I was running around like a traffic cop as they each preferred the other's food. I finally had to giggle. Soon they were both on the same food.

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