Winter doodles

Winter doodles

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  • Interesting. Monty does not play with his all the time. When he does, he just clamps down on it so that nobody else can get it. So there are just few bitemarks on the ball. He prefers to shred stuffed toys or tennis balls.

  • p.s.~ I did write ChuckIt and told them the stitching unraveled the first week.  Like I mentioned, Spud does not destroy toys, although he plays hard.  They told me, " thank you" and they would pass it on to the product quality control.

  • Spud is not too hard on toys but, sadly, this ball did not do so well.  When I get a chance, it is out of here~ trash.  Still, we got our use out of it.  Jarka, I got this ball the week you did.  Monty's ball looks so good


  • Oh, I'm glad. Enjoy, Hattie!

  • PJ, where are you going to be? The city does not get too much snow and if we do, it's gone within a few days. Different story in the mountains. I'm using Musher's Secret for their paws to keep them protected and when there is too much snow I give Monty his Muttluck boots. The snow is creating balls and turning into ice on the hair and between their fingers so you will need to be careful about that.

  • We are going to spend a significant amount of time in Colorado this winter (work related).  It's going to be interesting to see how Zach likes the snow.  Does it bother your guys' feet much?

  • LOL, Monty is a chaser, he won't give it back, though.

  • Sandy, it's the Chuck-It! Kick Fetch ball. Monty loves it. I meant to add it to your toy discussion. It's quite sturdy. You can see bitemarks on it, but Monty hasn't managed to rip it just yet.

  • It s a ball made by Chuck It.  It has a tough canvas cover with the blue parts being a hard foam so they can grab it...Bailey loves hers.  some people said their doodles got their teeth stuck in it but Bailey hasn't had any issues...

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