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Debb, Lucy & Oscar's Discussions

Oscar's Unique (and kinda strange) Ears

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lynda Kamrath Mar 10, 2016. 9 Replies

I'm pretty sure this isn't normal for doodles, or any dogs for that matter. Its Oscar's ears. I've been giving him total grooms now for 2-1/2 yrs, and bathed him regularly, even, before that.…Continue

Tags: leather, ear, strange

Skunk residing in yard!! Questions...

Started this discussion. Last reply by Debb, Lucy & Oscar Oct 11, 2014. 16 Replies

I've always been afraid the day would come when I'd go to take either Oscar or Lucy out to their nightly potty spot along the side of our house and run into a SKUNK. Well, the day has come! It…Continue

Oscar Turns 2 Today!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie Sep 15, 2014. 20 Replies

Its hard to believe he's 2 already, he is such a puppy still, in so many ways. He's still clumsy and awkward, and silly and goofy. Guess that's just Oscar and has little to do with his age. He's been…Continue

Great Sunday at the Dog Park!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lonnie & Libby Lu Apr 14, 2014. 14 Replies

Today we took the doodles to a new dog park up by Portland Community College, just a mile and a half away from our house. There were no signs at all directing the way, but we knew it was there…Continue


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Debb, Lucy & Oscar commented on Angie, Hudson and Lily's group Labradoodledoo Doodles
"Good to hear from you Angie, and that Hudson and Lily are doing well. I get a little sad sometimes, thinking both Lucy and Oscar are getting up there in years nearing the top end of their lifespans. Its inevitable I guess, but still... Losing either…"
Mar 5
Debb, Lucy & Oscar replied to Adina P's discussion Boca has turned into a water snob
"I had something similar for my 23yr old cat years ago. For years she jumped up on the powder room sink counter and drank water I'd left trickling for her from the faucet. When she got too old and rickety to jump to the counter I found a water…"
Mar 5
Debb, Lucy & Oscar replied to Adina P's discussion Boca has turned into a water snob
"That is odd, but doodles seem really quirky anyway you look at it. Both Lucy and Oscar DEMAND fresh water every day. They each have their own water dishes, side by side, and will walk by and give their bowl a quick sniff to determine if the water is…"
Mar 5
Debb, Lucy & Oscar commented on Angie, Hudson and Lily's group Labradoodledoo Doodles
"Hi everyone! Just wanted to check in as its been a few years since I peeked in last. Lucy (born 11-2009 Fonzy/Ryobi) is doing well. As spunky as ever. She'll never outgrow her puppy-ness and although her right hip gets a bit stiff after a long…"
Feb 12
Debb, Lucy & Oscar replied to ginny's discussion bath hose set up in the group Doodle Grooming
"Sorry, that was "Texas Bowser Blaster", not Bower Blaster."
Feb 12
Debb, Lucy & Oscar replied to ginny's discussion bath hose set up in the group Doodle Grooming
Feb 12
Debb, Lucy & Oscar replied to ginny's discussion bath hose set up in the group Doodle Grooming
"Ginny, I was the original poster of one of the setups. Its called the Texas Bower Blaster and I found instructions online on some groomers discussion site years ago. I still use the setup and have in every home I've lived in in the past few…"
Feb 12
Jennifer and Milo left a comment for Debb, Lucy & Oscar
"Hi I have not been on this site in a long time. I think we messaged each other back when our doodles were pups. Is your doodle a Monty/Sputnik breed from #labradoodledoo? Need to find out some health concerns. Just had a endoscope done on Milo and…"
May 31, 2018

Profile Information

What Type of Doodle(s) do you have? What are their names? Tell us about your doodle(s) or any other pets you have!
- Lucy was born Nov. 6, 2009. She's a standard cream, F1B labradoodle from Labradoodledoo in Hillsboro, OR, and weighs about 55lbs. She was our first experience with a dog of any kind, and the impetus for getting another doodle, Oscar, 3 yrs later. She's exceptionally smart, sensitive, and playful (especially with us, but can be so with other doodles as well). We love her very much :)

- Oscar is joining our family Nov. 6, 2012. He is a multi-gen standard labradoodle from the same breeder as Lucy (Lucy is Oscar's half aunt). He was born Sept. 13, 2012, and was the smallest male of the litter (we were originally looking for a medium size doodle). Can't wait to have him home!
UPDATE: Our 'little' Oscar has grown exponentially, and its looking like he'll top 65+ lbs fully grown! Only time will tell, but the 'small standard' labradoodle we were expecting, may end up a LARGE standard!

We also have 2 cockatoos, both 16 yrs old. Jeantu, a female Citron/Elenora mix, and Baila, a male Major Mitchells. The birds and the doods get along fine. Lucy avoids the birds when they're out of their cages (she was frightened as a puppy when they 'took flight'), but likes scavenging for bits of food (and wooden and plastic toy parts!!) they throw out when they're inside their cages. Oscar and Jeantu share a special friendship. Both seem fascinated with the other, with Oscar sticking his nose into her cage while she dances around on her cage bottom. So far, there have been no bites, and its looking like there won't be any in the future, either. Those 2 just like each other!
Where did you get your doodle(s)?
Why did you choose a doodle rather than another breed or mix?
Liked that doodles are happy-go-lucky dogs, and are likely not to shed much, if at all. Plus that they're intelligent and easily trained. Like their stately gait, too!
What are Your Favorite Things to Do With Your Doodles?
Go to the beach; go to the dog park; go on walks; train; play indoor games like 'hall ball'; cuddle.
Does your doodle(s) shed?
A little bit but nothing major
Who grooms your doodle(s)?
Favorite Doodle Products?
The CD, "While You Are Gone: Music Animals Love". Its been a real life saver making crate training a snap, as it just relaxes and lulls the puppy to sleep. It will be great for those longer crate times in the future too, when we're not at home. We also use it in the car. Lucy always falls asleep! UPDATE: Used this A LOT when Lucy was a little puppy. Not so much now that she's grown. Plan to use it again with Oscar. UPDATE (again!): This CD is even more effective putting Oscar to sleep than it did Lucy. I use it every night and it just lulls him to sleep. I also use it for the doods' nap times. Its been so helpful. I'm getting a bit tired of hearing it, but the doodles don't seem to mind.

BULLY STICKS!!! What would I do without these?!! They are such pacifiers and Lucy LOVES them! I buy the odorless kind in bulk from Never had a problem with them UNLESS she munches too many in 1 day... then, loose stools :(
Lucy likes the spiral beef tendons from the same site, too. We're waiting until Oscar's adult teeth come in before giving him bully sticks. Vet dentist told us not to give anything that doesn't pass the 'thumbnail' test (a thumbnail has to be able to make an indention in any chew toy we give him - and bully sticks flunked the test!). Oscar had a chipped tooth at 10 weeks old, and then had his lower incisors (canines) removed to make room for the adult canines to come in correctly. Although we're sure Oscar would LOVE bully sticks (he always tries to get Lucy's, and WOULD, if we didn't take them away from her when he's around), we don't want another chipped tooth! UPDATE: We no longer buy bully sticks. I'm too afraid Oscar would eat one whole. He's just the kind of dog who would. So, deer antlers are the chew toys of choice around here these days. Oscar would work on one ALL DAY LONG if I let him!

The Canny Collar. Its far superior to the Gentle Leader head halter and doesn't bother Lucy nearly as much. Waiting for Oscar to get big enough to use Lucy's hand-me-down smaller sized one on him. Can't wait to try something to keep Oscar from tearing my arm out of my shoulder socket!

The Gentle Leader No-Pull Harness. I like that it has ring in the front for using with the seat belt restraint in the car. Don't care for it at all for its intended use to prevent pulling on the leash (prefer the Canny Collar for that purpose). Husband likes it though. UPDATE: I've found this harness to work exceptionally well for Oscar while on walks. Its such a gentle reminder to him not to pull, and it never worked for Lucy, that I was surprised to find it made such a big difference. I'm really glad I pulled it out of the old harness/collar/leash bin and gave it a try with Oscar!

The GULPY Pet Water Dispenser. Great for taking along on Summer walks, and Lucy LOVES drinking out of it!
UPDATE: One drop onto the floor, and the plastic trough piece broke off the Gulpy, making it very difficult to use. I looked online and found a superior alternative, the H2O4K9 stainless steel dog waterer. I even got the neoprene sling to carry it on walks. Much nicer and my DH will actually use the sling (where he wouldn't use the hand-crocheted sling I made for the Gulpy - I wonder why?). It can be found at and other dog supply sites, as well as Ebay.

Kim Laube's line of dog shampoos and conditioners for white fluffy coats, marketed under the names of Wild Animal and Kelco. Love Kelco's Plum White shampoo (aka, Wild Animal's All Out White), Kelco's Plum White Conditioner (aka, Wild Animal's Lilac Cream Rinse) and Kelco's Ultra Silk Conditioner (aka, Wild Animal's Silk 'n Silk). They leave Lucy so soft and fluffy and dilute 50:1, making it a good value.
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Debb, Lucy & Oscar's Blog

Sock(s!) Eater... Round 2!

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 8:30am 15 Comments

Its been a busy last few days, but Saturday morning my DH informed me that after he returned from taking Lucy for a potty he found Oscar had thrown up not one, but TWO socks in his crate. He hadn't yet eaten his breakfast so the socks were pretty dry. This is the 2nd time he's thrown up a sock (or 2!). The first time the entire incident was on our radar, as I had found 1 sock but not the matching other sock. That time we just played a waiting game, for him to either develop symptoms of an…


Dog Park Toy Absconder

Posted on September 11, 2013 at 2:30pm 14 Comments

Alright, I already know Oscar believes ALL toys are HIS. From the day we brought him home at 8 weeks he made that very clear. He was the smallest male of his litter and maybe he learned it then. He had to be assertive to get what he wanted. By 'assertive' I mean patient and able to take advantage of an opportunity. He's smart and not mean in the least. No aggressive tendencies and no 'resource guarding'. If there's a toy another dog has that he wants, he will most definitely get it in the…


Partners in Crime... and Emergency Averted!

Posted on June 16, 2013 at 1:58pm 23 Comments

Oh, the joys of having 2 doodles!  Never a dull moment... I love a happy ending, and this story has a happy ending.

A few nights ago the doods were upstairs on the landing, lying side by side on their haunches, each with an antler. My DH was upstairs and I heard him come out of the bedroom, where he'd been watching TV, to check on the dogs. He remarked how good they both were! A little later, I stepped out of the study and glanced upstairs, and I saw 2 heads, side by side, peeking…


Dental Blues - Possible Doggie Braces

Posted on February 25, 2013 at 5:30pm 14 Comments

Tomorrow Oscar sees 2 dental vet specialists for his malocclusion (narrow base canines). We had his lower baby canines extracted at 10 weeks old because they were growing straight up and hitting his hard palate. It was found at that time he had a severe overbite, with his lower jaw unable to grow properly (due to the lower baby canines holding it in place). Since the extractions we had hoped his lower jaw would 'catch up' in growth to his upper jaw. 13 weeks later, that doesn't appear to be…


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At 10:06pm on May 31, 2018, Jennifer and Milo said…

Hi I have not been on this site in a long time. I think we messaged each other back when our doodles were pups. Is your doodle a Monty/Sputnik breed from #labradoodledoo? Need to find out some health concerns. Just had a endoscope done on Milo and waiting for biopsies. 

At 11:00am on February 4, 2016, Rebecca DuScott said…

Hi Debb, 

Thanks for your comment!  I haven't been on recently!  

I will be glad for drier weather!  Muddy paws have been a lot to keep up with this season!

At 3:28pm on June 16, 2014, Suzanne/Paul Maffa said…

Thanks for the website....I will look into it....I appreciate it!

At 8:12am on June 14, 2014, Suzanne/Paul Maffa said…

Teddy is allergic to chicken, turkey, grains, and god know's what else....he is on Ultramix/duck, sweet potato, peas.  We have changed nothing, but his rashes are flaring up yet again....been to the doggy's a never ending cycle.  Someone mentioned goat's milk, and you were the first 'doodle

kiss' person I asked.  What probiotic do you use?  Is it daily?

At 2:27pm on June 13, 2014, Suzanne/Paul Maffa said…

What was your dog's issues?  (that you decided to use the yogurt & probiotics?  Teddy ( our 4 year GD) has sooo

many allergies, and skin issues, etc.....I am constantly trying to 'figure it out'........

Yes,  I did notice you had two Cockatoo's......Sophie, our Citron, passed away in March.....we still miss him a certainly have your hands do the dogs get along with the birds??

At 11:34am on June 13, 2014, Suzanne/Paul Maffa said…

Hi Debb, I wanted to ask you how the goat's milk ended up working out.


At 1:43pm on December 26, 2013, Nicky, Riley & Boris said…

Thanks for your advice re the probiotics. I will take it easy since he is also on Rimadyl and the last thing I want to do is upset his tummy. Every time he wants to go out he has to be brought on leash and the weather is awful here! This is going to take some time to heal properly......

At 10:20am on October 5, 2013, Bev and Tess said…

Hi Debb! I'm guessing it was Sharee, and she probable brought up Dogtown in Gresham. I checked it out once when we first got Tess. It was nice and I think Sharee has used it. I have no idea if they do this kind of thing. Check with Sharee or Dogtown, and good luck!

At 9:11pm on September 23, 2013, Adina P said…

Thanks so much Debb!  I had a lovely day with the family!

At 8:13am on April 11, 2013, Steve D said…

Hi Debb :) I have loved looking through your pics of Lucy and Oscar. That is really cool that they are related. Doodles have so much personality. Glad yours get along so well. Seems like the perfect match! Max and Elphie have grown into the sweetest most loving of pups. That is not to say they don't do a thousand things a day to drive me crazy lol. Max is a ball boy. There is nothing he loves more that playing ball... other than my son Dylan. Never has a dog been more crazy about a person. Dylan doesn't live with us so we have to be careful not to say his name aloud. When he is not here he must be referred to as Mr. D.. Slip and say Dylan's name and Max perks up... stares us in the face and heads to the front door to bark. Of course when one starts barking there are two other to join in the chorus. Elphie's favorite thing to do is to torment Max. She will grab his ball (or any other toy he is interested in) and lay down with it in front of her. She then acts totally uninterested in it but there is apparently some sort of invisible doodle shield surrounding her that Max is unable to cross. He will stare at the ball.... desperately wanting it.... barking at her.... Elphie ignores him like he is not there... confident in her protective shield. She loves this game and it plays out several times a day!


Our weather has been crazy too.. for years now. Like most of the country we had no winter last year. The weeds loved it! On top of that we have been in a severe drought which the weeds also loved. We had water rationing last summer and it went back into effect early this year. There was a whole section of the yard that was literally taken over by a carpet of purslane. It died off over this winter leaving nothing but bare dirt. Max turns from gray to brown then once inside magically turns back to white. Not hard to guess where all of that dirt goes.


Thunder came into our lives last fall. Kate found him wandering in her work parking lot... in the middle of a severe thunderstorm.  Poor little guy was covered from head to toe with matts. His poor little eyes were totally covered and his hair covered with sticks and debris. She brought him home thinking we would find him a home but of course fell in love with him. Such a sweet little boy. He is a cuddlier. Lays down next to you and scootches in like he just can not get close enough. Max instantly accepted him. Elphie is a little jealous. I think she really wants him to play with her but he is not too interested in that. For the most part they get along fine. However... when she gets jealous the barking begins. We are perplexed with Thunder's history. He had obviously spent some time on his own. Like I said in such terrible shape. He also has a hernia which still has not been fixed... but he has (been neutered). He did not know how to sit or any such commands but you can throw a toy and he will chase it and bring it back and drop it right at your feet. He was potty trained so... his past is a real mystery. He loves to eat and if allowed would easily out eat his brother and sister. Max is probably around 70 pounds, Elphie 45, and Thunder right around 20. I call him the Sheriff because if the other dogs run in the house he will chase after them and put a stop to it! Funny funny kid!


I am going to try to get some fresh pics of them today and send your way :) Great to hear from you again!!



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