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Kemp Rader
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  • Pataskala. Ohio
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Kemp Rader - Doodle Country Store

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About Me:

Hi, my name is Kemp, and I am the owner and manager of the Doodle Country Store at (, a web site dedicated to the needs of doodle owners.

We specialize in:

· Les Poochs Brushes – all varieties (no doodle owner should be without this brush)
· Les Poochs Bathing & Detangling Products and Luxury pet fragrances
· Training Supplies (treat pouches, reward treats, training toys)
· Training Books and Videos
· Night Safety (PupLight)
· Grooming Tools
· Puppy Items (Snuggle Puppies to relieve separation anxiety)
· Poochie Bells (for potty training)
· Bully Sticks and naturally shed deer or elk antlers for chewing

I am a doodle lover. I have 4 Australian Labradoodles. We are located on a 2-acre property nestled among the farmlands of central Ohio. My doodles have plenty of space to run, play and live a very happy life.

Please feel free to contact me any time at if you have any questions about the Les Poochs products, including the very popular Les Poochs grooming brush. This is a very popular grooming brush among our doodle community....I call it the "Doodle Brush" because it works so well on the fleece and wool coats. I can help you select the right brush variety for your doodle’s coat. Contact me at

A personal note:
I feel very close to fellow doodle owners, and I feel so honored to be a member of this wonderful community. I've communicated with many of you through personal e-mail, and I love when you write to me with updates and photos of your doodles.
The Doodle Country Store is not a typical “dog supply” website…my customers are like family to me. I purchase all of the inventory to keep on hand for our customers, so we personally pack and ship drop shipping from a third party. I will be happy to help you select the best Les Poochs brush variety and high-quality Les Poochs bathing products for your doodle.

Check out the Doodle Country Store at:

And please join us at the Doodle Country Store on Facebook. You can get to know us even better, plus our Facebook members receive first notice of new items and special offers.
Doodle Country Store's Facebook Page

What Type of Doodle(s) do you have? What are their names? Tell us about your doodle(s) or any other pets you have!
Four Australian Labradoodles:

Chocolate/Cafe = Ripley
Cream = Shiloh
Black = Oliver
Apricot = Truman
Where did you get your doodle(s)?
Why did you choose a doodle rather than another breed or mix?
I just love the shaggy "look" of doodles, mine are all male Labradoodles. I trim them short from time to time. I prefer non-shedding dogs...mine are 95% non-shedding. I also prefer poodle-mixed breeds because poodles are among the most intelligent breed.
What are Your Favorite Things to Do With Your Doodles?
Playing Ball, Hiking, Camping, Traveling and Swimming.
Does your doodle(s) shed?
Who grooms your doodle(s)?
Me.....usually a full-body scissor takes a lot of patience and practice.
Favorite Doodle Products?
Les Poochs Products, "Chuck It" Ball Launcher, Bully Sticks, Lucky Buck Antlers, Kong Wubba Toy.......These are all available at the Doodle Country Store online at
Relationship Status:
Do you have a website of your own? If so, share it here:

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At 5:53pm on August 31, 2014, Jess & Stewart said…
Hi Kemp,

I was wondering what type of les pooches brush I should purchase for Stew. He's wavy/slightly curly and very soft fleece. Recently the hair on his back has been growing in and it seems very fluffy/frizzy, not individual strands like the front of him. Would that decrease with a good, thorough brushing? He doesn't love to be brushed but I know I could do a better job than I do with my cheap slicker brush. I was thinking the green brush would work for him.
At 10:46pm on August 23, 2014, Lonnie & Libby Lu said…

Glad to hear things are good!  Thanks for the compliments on my photos and music!  Probably a little overboard on the music, but thats me:)

At 8:00pm on August 21, 2014, Lonnie & Libby Lu said…

Hi Kemp! Hope everything is ok. Haven't seen you on DK for a long time.
Lonnie & Libby

At 7:23pm on June 20, 2013, Tammie Ciesielka said…

I think I am going to wait for the purple brush.  Please let me know when you have it back in stock.  Thanks Kemp!  Have a great weekend!

At 8:06pm on June 18, 2013, Tammie Ciesielka said…

Thanks so much for the advice Kemp.  I will be placing an order tomorrow.  

Roxy has been to the groomer twice.  Each time I sweat it out hoping the groomer doesn't cut too much hair off but after reading your comments, I will make sure she gets cut a little shorter.  Now is probably a good time with summer here and all the swimming going on.  Love all your doodles.  They look so happy and very much loved.  Oliver rarely has a pic without his ball :)  Thank you again for taking the time to respond!

At 12:26pm on June 18, 2013, Tammie Ciesielka said…

Hi Kemp.  I too am in search of a Les Pooch brush and I need your help in knowing which one to purchase.  Roxy is 8 1/2 months old and I'm not sure if we are starting to lose the puppy coat or if it's her love of swimming, but out of no where she is starting to get matted.  I love her long hair and would hate to cute it short.  I am pretty diligent about brushing her even though she bites me like a piece of steak and I look like I've been in a fight with a cat when I'm done.  She looks like she has a body wave.  Not real curly, but not straight. The hair closer to her body is thicker then the ends.  She hardly sheds and is super soft.  I'll attach a pic as well.  Thank you in advance for your help!  Also any tips in helping her to like being brushed or at least tolerate it would be appreciated :)

At 7:53pm on June 11, 2013, Alex & Mattie said…

Thanks Kemp!  I'll shoot you an email for a reminder when the new shipment of LP brushes come in.  Thanks for all your info!

At 10:58am on June 6, 2013, Alex & Mattie said…

Hi Kemp!  One of the other members suggested I chat with you, I hope that's ok! 

I have a 7.5 month old double doodle with a fleecy coat that looks a little like it's crimped underneath and I think she's just starting the preliminary stages of her coat change.  I had asked the other member about which brush she used that most effectively helped comb out the puppy coat.  She said she used the purple Les Pooch.  So far we've just been using the metal swivel tooth comb, which brings out some hair but not much.  Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks so much!!

At 7:38pm on November 7, 2012, Ginny Nightingale said…

At 6:25pm on November 7, 2012, Rose said…
At 5:15pm on November 7, 2012, Laurie, Fudge, and Vern said…

At 3:26pm on November 7, 2012, Julie, Izzie & Max said…

At 3:23pm on November 7, 2012, Jennifer,Chloe & Myla said…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEMP!!! Jennifer, Chloe & Myla

At 1:03pm on November 7, 2012, Bonnie and Kona said…

Happy Birthday, Kemp! 

At 7:02am on November 7, 2012, Marianne *OZZY & ZOEY said…


At 11:34am on October 28, 2012, Lonnie & Libby Lu said…

Hi Kemp!  We are so happy with our Les Poochs brush and WHAT a difference it makes with Libby.  She actually loves me brushing her now and she is so calm and good for me.  They are great, great brushes and I wish I had it sooner:)  

At 7:41am on October 2, 2012, Patti Golden said…

Received my order yesterday.  Thanks so much.  Was like Christmas looking through all the goodies.  :-)   I'm sure Boone will love it all.

At 5:22pm on September 16, 2012, Lonnie & Libby Lu said…

Your Doodles are adorable!  How fun to have all of them and enjoy each different personality

At 4:05pm on September 10, 2012, Bonnie and Kona said…

Hi Kemp, 

I bought a Les Pooches brush at least 2 1/2 years ago because we had it before Owen came along. I am wondering if it could be wearing out. It doesn't seem to have the "magic" that I noted upon first receiving it. It used to go through Kona's ears "like butter". What do you think? Am I being less diligent or is it wearing out? 

Thanks for your advice. 

At 2:28pm on September 2, 2012, Jennifer and Jack said…

Hi, I just placed a big order with you.. I was wondering if you could read the comment section before you fill the order and email me back?  I ordered all the Vanilla bones but I wanted to know if they would still be good in December as they are Holiday gifts.

Kemp Rader's Blog

Watch your Step!

Posted on September 8, 2009 at 8:45pm 16 Comments

No caption needed for this one....just be sure to use the handrail.

Ripley, Shiloh, Oliver and Truman

Congratulations to Oliver!!

Posted on August 19, 2009 at 5:14am 19 Comments

This photo of Oliver enjoying the lake shore in Michigan was featured on our local NBC news this morning in Columbus, Ohio.
Oliver was chosen as today's "Pet of the Day!"
Thank you to NBC Channel 4 News - Columbus, Ohio.

Yay Oliver!!



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