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Wanda Klomp
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  • Driebergen
  • Netherlands
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Wanda Klomp replied to J and Riley (and Luna)'s discussion How long is too long? in the group Doodle Grooming
"How old is she? When the coat changing starts (5 months and older) keep track of the white parts, because these are the most porous and therefor prone to tangles and felt. The black parts csn become lighter and more fluffy and need thinning to stay…"
Feb 14
Wanda Klomp replied to ginny's discussion clipping around puppy's eyes in the group Doodle Grooming
"Hi Ginny, hope this helps :-)"
Feb 3
Wanda Klomp replied to Mindy Hillegass's discussion Help me groom my puppy! in the group Doodle Grooming
"This post is not about me. You can read all about me on my websites for one. Do what you think is best for your Doodle. Try both brushes if you are not shure. I have given my advice which is all I wanted because knowledge gives the power to make…"
Sep 27, 2018
Wanda Klomp replied to Mindy Hillegass's discussion Help me groom my puppy! in the group Doodle Grooming
"Offcourse a course flat coat needs different treatment then plush fluffy coats. Not even brushing. But that's so obvious that it doesn't need mentioning. In my book I mention how to care for every different coat type. It is far too much…"
Sep 27, 2018
Wanda Klomp replied to Mindy Hillegass's discussion Help me groom my puppy! in the group Doodle Grooming
"Don't brush her too much, because of over-brushing effect. I think the shedding is caused by the mix of different breeds. Sometimes the labrador retriever genes get the upperhand. Best brush for every Doodle is the Activet red matzapper. Try to…"
Sep 27, 2018
Wanda Klomp replied to Mindy Hillegass's discussion Help me groom my puppy! in the group Doodle Grooming
"A poodle puppy cut usually has a shaved nose, like a poodle. Not only un-doodle-like, using clippers the first time, so close to the ears, eyes, etc can be traumatic for a pup. Doodles usually are very sensitive. More so then poodles or Labrador…"
Sep 26, 2018
Wanda Klomp replied to Mindy Hillegass's discussion Help me groom my puppy! in the group Doodle Grooming
"Hi Mindy, ask the groomer for a puppy thinning scissor cut by hand. This will keep her looking fluffy and not ruin her growing coat, whatever it will grow into :-) For inspiration check my Doodlecomfort FB group as I am a specialized Doodle groomer,…"
Sep 26, 2018
Wanda Klomp posted a video

How to trim your Labradoodles' eyes

Doodle self grooming video on how to trim the eyes. Download my FREE book preview on
Sep 23, 2018
Wanda Klomp replied to Laurie, Wally & Charlotte's discussion Cowboy Magic versus Mane 'n Tail detanglers versus The Stuff in the group Doodle Grooming
"I don't believe in Detangling products, because the coat should be detangled before washing it. Also all those products contain potentially harmful, unnatural ingredients. The best way to remove tangles is to do it yourself with barber…"
Sep 22, 2018
Wanda Klomp commented on Krista, Angel, and Toby's group Where's the Poodle in my Doodle?
"Harmony I think so too :-) Less tangles to deal with. He looks very cute. In my book I tell all about how puppy coats will turn out if you want to know more. The straighter the hair at birth, the less fluffy he will be."
Sep 18, 2018
Wanda Klomp replied to Courtenay's discussion Do I have a doodle? in the group Where's the Poodle in my Doodle?
"Hi Courtenay, first of all: she is lovely. Secondly: the Australian Doodle is a mix of 7 different breeds, including Am and Engl Cock. Spaniel, Labrador and Poodle and can therefor look like one of these breeds. Your pup is a perfect fit :-) As a…"
Sep 18, 2018
Wanda Klomp commented on Barb @ Gemstone Labradoodles's group Doodle Grooming
"Yes Ginny, you can absolutely cut your Doodle when shaving. On my profile page you can find my free ebook on Doodle grooming. Please use that to read more about the dangers of shaving and how to use attachment combs to prevent this AND keep the coat…"
Sep 18, 2018

Profile Information

About Me:
I am a specialized Doodle groomer and give grooming workshops to Doodle and Waterdog owners. My website and social media activities are all about informing as many Doodle owners as possible worldwide about proper Doodle (coat) care, helping Doodle owners take the wellbeing of their Doodle in to their own hands and teaching them how to groom their Doodle professionally themselves, in a natural, fluffy way, not having to depend on groomers ever again and improving the relationship with their Doodle, while being the best Doodle parents they can be.
What Type of Doodle(s) do you have? What are their names? Tell us about your doodle(s) or any other pets you have!
I don't have a Doodle, I have a Barbet (French Waterdog) named Joy, but I work with Doodles every day and seen hundreds of them. All different coat types :-)

The Netherlands has the most Doodles next to America ;-)
Why did you choose a doodle rather than another breed or mix?
I chose to work with Doodles because of their lovely, sensitive, joyfull character and fluffy coat, that can be a real grooming challenge for most Doodle owners and groomers. I love working with Doodle owners because they love doing things with their Doodle and want the best for them.
What are Your Favorite Things to Do With Your Doodles?
I love to give grooming workshops, write blogs and articles about Doodle coat care, posting workshop photos online and love to interact with Doodles and Doodle owners
Does your doodle(s) shed?
Who grooms your doodle(s)?
I do
Favorite Doodle Products?
Earthbath bath products, ActiVet Duo brush, Pet dryer and the right grooming equipment, like my own special thinning and chunking shears, squeeky toys
Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Do you have a website of your own? If so, share it here:
Would you be willing to Dog Sit on occasion for other DoodleKisses members? (You are NOT committing to anything by saying yes - you are just saying you might be willing to do this if you were acquainted with the other member and the circumstances were right.)

FREE E-BOOK: 6 Secrets to keeping your Doodle tangle free!

Do you really want to learn all about the coat structure of your Doodle, the right grooming equipment and find out what your Doodle needs to stay tangle free? Then read my E-Book and you will never have problems with tangles again!

I couldn't post it here, but you can download it for FREE on my Doodle Comfort FaceBook page.

Please do so and enjoy!

Love, Wanda

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Wanda Klomp's Blog

The nr 1 way to brush your Doodle comfortably and effectively

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 4:51am 2 Comments

How do you feel when you're grooming your Doodle?

Do you feel at all rushed? Trying to get it over with pronto?

Or do you instead regard it as some quality alone time with your Doodle. Nice and easy?

And how is your Doodle behaving?

Does he trust you blindly?

Does he use his whole bag of tricks to get away from your brush?


Labradoodle brushing


Or does he feel playful, trying to snatch that brush (and your hand) whenever he…


4 tips to find out which coat your Labradoodle pup will get

Posted on November 10, 2015 at 6:30am 2 Comments

This question ‘pups’ up all the time in Facebook groups and the Labradoodle forums: what coat do you think my pup will get?

Will it grow to look Doodle-ish?

And I assume that when the owner says 'Doodle-ish', he/she refers to a fluffy fleece or curly fleece coat.

Now, with all those different Labradoodle types being bred, it's hard to determine beforehand what the coat will look like

(unless you have an Australian Doodle, in which case…


7 reasons why your Doodle is better off with a medium sized groomed coat

Posted on October 13, 2015 at 6:30am 5 Comments

If I browse pictures on Facebook, and listen to the experiences of my grooming customers and the owners that participate in my Labradoodle self grooming workshops, it's undeniable that most people wait too long before they visit the groomer.

The result: tangles, felt and a bare-shaven Doodle a few times a year, whilst looking like a Bearded Collie the rest of the year.

Labradoodle grooming

I know, most dog owners love a long coat.

The longer, the better, right?



Why white is a difficult coat colour for Labradoodles

Posted on October 7, 2015 at 4:30am 3 Comments

I've said it before: the white coats of Labradoodles require the most maintenance.

That is, if they're curly or curly fleece coats (which they usually are).

Not just because white Labradoodles love nothing more than to roll around in puddles, mud, sand, etc.

But rather, because white hair is porous, and tangles more easily than brown or black hair.

If this type of coat gets wet and dries by air (or central heating), it’s very susceptible to…


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At 3:41pm on February 24, 2014, Stephanie and Ragley said…

Wanda- I looked at your website to try to figure out what thinning shears you recommend, but I didn't see anywhere where you state the brand? 

At 12:43pm on February 5, 2014, Joanne ~ Spud* said…

I wont pretend to be a groomer, I just know my own dog. I've done my own homework and have a mentor.  So, no worries about my dog not being comfortable. What he is completely uncomfortable with is that darn Les Pooche brush.   Maybe I have a bad one, because I've stabbed myself and bled many times. He truly is unhappy and so was I. 

I do have a blog from several years ago where I documented my first trail with this practice.

At this time, I dont go anywhere at length with the work as I did that first year.   I just DONT brush all winter.  The dry climate in the winter is perfect for this type of coat.     I have no mats  :)   I think all dogs in the winter snow ( and I live in the top ten snowiest USA cities) will form snow mats or clumps and just need to thaw out for 10minutes on the kitchen rug.    If I do brush, he mats.  So, each coat is different, but I know you already know all the variations of these types of coats. Oh, so many.   With an f1b, it is even more extreme.  My other doodle, certainly, she needed a healthy brush and grooming.  He coat was stunning.

It took me many years to figure out this one coat and it works. NOPE, I dont recommend this practice to everyone. It just works here. 

Apart March, I take a 10blade to him and he is happy then too. 

At 6:13am on January 28, 2014, DonMarie and Picco said…

Your Doodle grooming workshop looked like fun. They all came out great!    Have you ever heard of The Stuff conditioner? I'm curious....

At 2:03pm on January 27, 2014, Joanne ~ Spud* said…

Yes, I know what they are...organized mats. We do it ever winter as this is the only way to keep his coat long in an area that reaches negative temperatures.   His skin is well taken care of, clean, and he is very comfortable. I dont recommend it on most dogs and I had a labradoodle who was never corded. She was beautiful.

That said, she loved the Les Pooche brush were my wire coat goldendoodle's coat suffers from that brush. So, each doodle, is different, of course.

I have blogs written about cording and had a groomer as my mentor.

His are not  forced and form natural.  If there is a snag, those are gently split.  His cords are not thick but he seems to form them rather thin and spiral. 

So you see, he looks okay except for those back hips which do pose a problem.  There truly is NO way to brush this dog  or he does mat. 

At 12:04pm on January 27, 2014, Ann Kendig said…

Welcome to DoodleKisses! : )

At 11:47am on January 27, 2014, Linda, Charlie Brown and Beau said…

Thanks you for the e-book Wanda.  I wish every new puppy owner would read your book.  I may be taking one of your online courses in the future.

At 9:49am on January 27, 2014, Joanne ~ Spud* said…

HI Wanda,

I see you are from Europe.  With my wooley doodle, I dont brush at all. His hair naturally forms soft cords. If I brush, it mats. If I leave him alone to nature, his hair is wonderful.

This is not a common practice in the US, but I know it may still be common in Europe.

At 9:10am on January 27, 2014, Linda, Charlie Brown and Beau said…

Wanda ~ thank you for the friend request.  I wish your free e-book was translated into English.  I would just love that!  I hope you enjoying this site and once again welcome!

At 9:01am on January 27, 2014, Linda, Charlie Brown and Beau said…

Wanda ~ thank you for the friend request and would love to be friends.  I hope you are enjoying this site.  Welcome again and see you on DK.

At 12:00pm on January 21, 2014, Lori, Quincy & Frankie said…

Welcome Wanda!  You have joined a wonderful group of Doodle lovers and I know you will be a great new addition! 



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