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Wilbur Foster Doodle, AKA "The Wilbs"

Yesterday, it was two weeks since I picked up Wilbur in Athens. I can't believe it's just two weeks! He's just not even the same guy he was back then (and I'm not just talking about his smell!)! While I can't claim that he's become a happy, playful doodle, he as DEFINITELY become less wary and his confidence that he will regularly get food, water, attention, and affection has grown by leaps and bounds. He is a very mellow boy who probably won't be playful like Callie (Callie's just super…


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Slowly emerging from his shell...Wilbur!

Wilbur Foster Doodle is making great strides! He is eating a little bit more (not as much as I would like, but more), drinking normally, and is having pretty regular "eliminations". He's still a super snuggler, and he and Callie have come to a bedtime understanding (the understanding is if they both want to be there, they have to deal with the other one!).

Wilbur things that make me laugh:

- Monday night I was getting ready for bed. I heard the unmistakable sound of…


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Photos of Wilbur Foster Doodle

These are all post grooming... (they may be a little blurry - I took them all with my phone)

Wilbur saying "if Callie can sit on the sofa, I can too!"…


Added by Frannie & Callie on March 13, 2010 at 6:31am — 18 Comments

Update #3 on Wilbur Foster Doodle (it's long, I'm sorry)

(mostly) Good news abounds with the Wilbert. First - he responded to neither "Wilbur" or "Orville", so I have offically decided to go with Wilbur. He has no secondary skin infections that require treating. The groomer (the Pet Gallery in Atlanta - oh how I love them!) did a WONDERFUL job grooming him. They said he was a super sweet boy (which he is). They were able to work through some of the hair on his head, so he looks very poodle-ish right now, but his body is cut to the skin (the hair…


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Update #2 on Wilbur Foster, I mean Orville...wait - who are you dood?

I found out from IDOG this morning that the Athens shelter had all of their paperwork mixed up and that I actually have ORVILLE, not Wilbur. However, if he doesn't respond to "Orville", I'm renaming him "Wilbur" - I think it's an adorable name! I wondered about this, as this dood looked nothing like the one from the Athens shelter! Below is a picture I took of him yesterday at the vet.

Orville/Wilbur spent a comfortable night at the vet. The great news is that he is heartworm…


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Update on Wilbur, the Foster Doodle

This morning, I drove up to Athens, GA to pick up Wilbur. I had agreed to pick up Wilbur when they opened at 8am today, so I got an early start. I got to the shelter before they opened - can you say anxious and excited? The shelter really put the fear of G-d in me with the amount of space they had available and I felt bizarrely worried that if I got there late, I'd be too late (I know that would be unlikey, but I had the angst nonetheless!).

Once the shelter opened, they let…


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Excited and had to share!

I am picking up my first foster doodle (through IDOG) tomorrow morning in Athens, GA. I am beside myself with excitement! His name is Wilbur and he's a beautiful chocolate dood (at least I think he will be, once he's had a good bath!).

Of course, this could be a disaster, but I'm just really excited!

Added by Frannie & Callie on March 9, 2010 at 11:53am — 35 Comments


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