5 YEARS~of doodle love!

Five years ago  we ran to the store for some paper towels and came home with my precious little Chloe! My first "own" dog.

Actually we put a deposit down and ran all over town for supplies and came back for her. I told DH that we should have called her "BOUNTY" Anyway, I am so grateful to have found her and then better late than never found all of you doodle lovers too! Chloe changed our lives so dramatically, I really hated leaving her alone all day and a year later I found Myla and cried until DH said ok. When we got Myla, our lives REALLY changed!! I love them both for all their quirks and snuggles. They helped me through some rough patches in the last few years, without them I don't know what I would have done. Chloe can always bring a smile to anyone's face~walking on 2 legs catches everyone off guard and they can't help but smile! So a day late (don't tell Chloe) we finally had a chance to celebrate. The first picture is Chloe being good-then add Myla to the mix and she steals Chloe's thunder by jumping up on the table-walking across it and jumping off! Couldn't believe it! She's been pretty stingy with her camera shots lately:( I hope the years slow down, I can't believe it's been 5 years already! Happy Birthday Chloe Moroni!!!!3356562095?profile=original3356562356?profile=original


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  • Thanks everyone!

    Traci-she figured the puzzle out immediately! Myla not so much!

    If Myla knew it wasn't her birthday she sure didn't care! All about her!

  • So cute! Looks like Chloe had a great birthday. :-)

  • Happy Birthday Chloe!  Stories about you and your sister and your funny antics keep us all entertained.  Glad for the joy you have brought your family.

  • I'm really late sending my good wishes too!  Hope you had a great Birthday Chloe XXX

  • Sorry we are so late with the BD wishes! I'm glad you found each other in this crazy world!  The love of a doodle (or 2!) can sure make all the difference!!! 

    Chloe you are an adorable Birthday girl!!

  • Happy B-day Chloe!!!!

  • Happy Birthday Chloe :)

  • Happy Birthday Chloe, and many more wonderful years with your family!!

  • Happy Birthday Chloe! I bet you can't imagine life without them! Great photos.

    Does Myla know it's not her birthday I wonder? ha ha

  • Happy Birthday, Chloe!

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