7 Minute Workout

This year's resolution was to add some cross training on those days I don't run.  I read about the 7 minute workout that seems to be the new trend towards quick 30 second sets of several different exercises with a brief rest between each exercise.  


The intent is to work up to doing 3 to 4 sets on non-running days and to do at least 1 set on running days.  What I tell people is I am doing this so I can run a half-marathon in 2 hours 40 minutes or less... but my real intent is to try to look as good a Laurie.


 I also thought that this would be a good opportunity to con DH into spend quality time with DH exercising together.

 Who knew Harlow had a secret desire to be a personal trainer on Biggest Loser...


But tonight Harlow's true talents came out.  When DH and I were doing the jumping jacks Harlow ran in circles around us barking "harder, faster".  When we did push-ups or planks she would lay on her back and give our faces copious doodle kisses of encouragement urging us to complete the sets.  She added extra resistance training to the crunches by laying on us with her paws on our shoulders (again accompanied with lots of encouraging kisses).

Our workout is now done, Harlow is play bowing telling us tomorrow we get to do 2 sets of the 7 Minute workout. 

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  • I love your 7 minutes workout!

  • omg lol.

  • It must be hard not to laugh at all those doodle antics. Gods luck.
  • Janie, it is amazing how much quicker one can do sit ups or push ups when you get a wet doodle kisses the whole time.

    Leslie, Halas is trying to help you with the weight resistance. :)

  • She sounds like a great trainer.  I always tell Halas he's my favorite workout partner.  He usually lays near me, sometimes making me work around him.  When I'm done, I lay on my back, and he runs over and sits on me for a few minutes.  It's tough when I do any exercise where I start on my back, because he immediately thinks it's time to sit on me, and I have to convince him that it's too soon.

  • Such a cute blog!  Nice to have such an enthusiastic trainer.  :)

  • Good for you and your New Year's resolution! I have a similar coach named Jackson who gives endless kisses when I do sit ups! I think he inspires me to go faster to get it over with!! Good luck!!

  • LOL!! Good job! Harlow!!

  • Nothing like a personal trainer to up the ante! Such a cutie-pie!

  • What a great New Year's resolution Nina...thanks for sharing and love the image of Harlow giving you doodle kisses while better personal trainer than, so adorable!

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