A reminder that she's an animal...

Yesterday, our guest dog Scout had a series of accidents, of both the pee and poop variety (she went to the vet this morning - she has a UTI, got some antibiotics, and she will be fine...poor little girl!). I evidently missed an area in the guest room where Scout had diarrhea, and only discovered it because Callie jumped in my lap and started lavishing my face with poop-scented kisses. I just didn't know what to do first...scrub my face or wash Callie's mouth (she's given to wandering around and randomly licking walls, picture frames, furniture, etc), I had to be a little selfish and deal with my face first. My house was still in odor recovery from all the accidents and didn't smell fabulous to begin with, but I couldn't take it smelling like I had poop in my nose! I gave Callie one of her dental chews, washed my face off, and got prepped to clean Callie up (this involved a good face washing and then a toothbrushing. I really wanted her to gargle some listerine, but couldn't figure out how to instruct her do that).

Callie has never eaten poop before. I hope she never does again! Ick ick ick!

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  • Update on Callie's gross poop eating...it made her sick! Now she's having diarrhea and vomiting :(. Thet vet gave her some fluids and an anti-nausea shot, along with some meds and bland canned food. Poor little girl!! I do hope some part of her doodley brain connects the two events...eating poop=being sick.
  • Our former dog, a lab, ate poop all the time. Then he'd come begging for people food, give me those sad eyes, and I'd say "you're not a gourmet, you eat poop, you can eat your dog food"!
  • Callie knows I called her the "A" word, but she was too busy licking her poopy chops to care. I LOVE hearing stories like this from other DK peeps - agreed that it's way funnier when it's happening to someone else! Donna - Callie has never eaten one of my bras ;)
  • Aahhh Ha Ha... It is funnier when poo happens to someone else. I would be scrunning both faces with bleach! Ok not really but would be tempted to!
  • Does Callie know you called her the "A" word??
  • I love the Callie stories. They are so funny, maybe because they happen to someone else. Quincy just chewed up my favorite bra. Not so amused.
  • Goodness, Remi ate poop once and I about died! YUCK! What was he thinking!
  • I know I would have definitely washed my face first! I have found that even though the poop is washed off completely and the smell is no longer on my skin I still suffer from phantom poop smells! Eeeewww! I try not to let the dogs lick me in the face because I see where they lick....and often!
  • I'm going to need a little time before Callie gets to give me kisses again! I'll also be going around the house with my black-light, making sure all the gross germies are gone. Poor Callie...she doesn't really know what she did was so flipping gross!
  • well said... Eeeeeeeeewwwww! I love doodle kisses too, but it's always a good idea to sniff first! :)
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