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Another Reminder About Xylitol

Hey everyone, long time no see! I just wanted to write because we recently experienced a really big scare in the family and I thought it would be worth posting a reminder.

My sister's 2 year old Maltipoo almost died this last week, after getting into gum inside of her purse while they were asleep. He ate around 15 pieces of the gum - it was Ice Breakers and the first ingredient is xylitol. They rushed him to the emergency vet when they found out what he'd done - and they kept him for a day flushing out his system, and trying to get as much out as possible. One of his liver enzymes was over 1000, which is liver failure (I believe a normal value is between 50-120). Eventually they were told to take him home and prepare for him to die. According to the vet, as a 12lb dog the 15 pieces he ate should have killed him and he was lucky to have made it as far as he did. They said there was really nothing else they could do but wait. They prescribed him honey to manage his blood sugar levels but beyond that they were told that they should prepare themselves for him not to make it.

I am so relieved and happy to say that he's still going, and the vet says the prognosis is much more hopeful given that he's made it a whole week now. She said there is a good chance he will be fine now and his liver will eventually recover. But it's been a very scary time and he's been very sick. Poor guy. :-(

It's just a good reminder to be extra cautious - even if gum is hidden away you just never know when they might be able to get into it. I believe that xylitol is now an ingredient in a few peanut butter brands as well - none of the mainstream brands that I know of. I believe the brands are lesser known, in the healthy or low calorie genre of peanut butter. So read the labels!

Let's just hug our pups and double down on being vigilant! 

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  • What a scary thing. I hope your nephew dog is all recovered.

  • Oh Camilla, I am so sorry about your sister's dog. What a very scary time! This is such important information! Thanks for posting. 

  • Thanks for this reminder, Camilla. It's amazing to me how many people don't even realize that xylitol is toxic to dogs. 

    Glad your sister's dog is doing better.

  • I am so glad that your sister's pup is doing better and will most likely have a full recovery.  Thank you for the reminder.  We always need this nudges...

  • Oh, this is such a great reminder that our furry pets love the taste of sugar coated gum and that we have to be vigilant.  

  • Great post, Camilla! I am so glad your sister's dog is doing better!

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