Bath day

So today 7-11-09 i got a bath.I get bathed at a place called Suds-um -yourselfNothing fancy because moms letting me become a scragaly pup again.Mom first just evened up my mowhawk then a little thining of my beard.Then she put me into the tub and but a whitning shampoo on me reinsed then added a oatmeal shampoo then rainsed again.After that it was time for that even thing called a hair blower. That things scarey. Mom puts cotton balls in my ears to help with the noise.Then she brushed me out to make me fluffy.After that the cotton balls came out of my ears and then she cleaned my ears.Drimaled my toe nailes and then spritsed me with this stuff that smells like bananas.All in all it was not that bad. You would think that i would love my baths because i love swimming but mom dont realize that when i swim i am the one thats in control and that swimming dont make me clean and white it makes me wet and dirty.( I like to roll in the dirt after i go swimming lol)O ya Mom also bathed my sis too. So we are both clean.By the way the reason i have to be so clean is mom said that she has company coming from a place called florida. But I dont know what that means. I hope what even it is means more people to play ball and wubba with me.Mom says that she will try to get photos up of me after my bath soon.
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  • This is Becky's daughter. My dog got a bath. Boy, did that go well. Here is what my dog said to me afterwards:
    You try to do that again, you'r going to lose a finger. Man, do I smell perfect! It is awful! Terrible! It will take weeks to roll around in the mud to get this smell off!
  • Glad it's you not me. I did hear that I am getting a bath next week. I am planning on hiding under the bed or behind a chair. That banana stuff might not be too bad - you could lick your legs and have a snack! Company is fun though; you will like that!
    In Sympathy,
  • Yep, must be bath week. Harlow and the boys had their bath today too.
  • How funny! Gotta be clean for the company! It must have been bath week, cause Marlow got his, too.
  • Nothing like a squeaky clean doggy!
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