Guinness and Murph have been "brothers" for nine years and they are totally  bonded.  They are clearly "brothers from different mothers" since Guinness is ten and a mini ALD, while Murph is nine and a standard ALD.  They have their occasional "disagreements" but for the most part they are always together and although their personalities are REALLY different, they seem to love being together.  For a long time I've noticed that when I'm busy during the day and not paying direct attention to them they take their "naps" laying side by side and they almost always are in the EXACT same positon.  When I say exact, I'm not kidding.  Thier paws are crossed in the same way; their tails are tucked the same; their heads are facing the same way.  Lately I've been trying to watch them when they first lie down to see if one copies the other....nope that's not it.  They just seem to position themselves in the exact same way.  Does anyone else with multiple Doodles see this happening...what's going on?  Here's  a photo from this morning....see what I mean?3657627637?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I have 3 and they do that. I watch them move in their sleep to the same different positions.
  • That's adorable. Mine never seem to be laying in the same position at the same time.
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