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  • With a sweet face like that....I believe that the food was trying to escape, and being the good doodle she is.....she was trying to put it back! :0)
  • I don't think he was stealing....I think he just wanted to sample that one noodle that was obviously jumping out of the bowl!
  • Good thing Mom was busy getting the camera. She doesn't even have the guilty face!
  • LOL I think her neck is streched as far as it would go...:)
  • I know i just couldent help take the photos. She is usally very good about not stilling food. But hay it was good so i dont blam her.
  • LOL missed the perfect opportunity to correct her...instead you were taking these pics..but they are cute and
  • looks to me like you just wanted to save her the trouble of washing the dishes. :-)
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