Capp Is Now on Santa's Naughty List

Capp got himself on Santa's Naughty List today. I noticed the auto-close gate slightly ajar, and began to call the doodles. They are not allowed free reign of the house unless I am supervising. Joe came bouncing to me immediately when I called, but Capp took three calls before he came out of the dining room and into the foyer. Capp has this "Who Me" look that he uses when he has been naughty. He also puts himself into his "sit" position and pretends to look perfect.Today all the sitting pretty and who me looks did not fool me. The doodle had something all over his face! I couldn't figure out what it was! It was powdery and wet and stuck to his fur and had a funny odor!I asked Allie to take him into the bathroom to wash his face while I checked out the damage.Capp had proceeded to put his big doodle nose into a gift bag, pull out a gift, and unwrap it. Then he chewed it up. It was a gift for my father-in-law who loves to cook. It was hush puppy mix I bought for him to use when we cook seafood. Capp had chewed open the container and stuffed his big nose and snout into the container and was gobbling it up!What a naughty doodle! Notice the picture of him looking too dignified (after Allie attempted to wash his face) to have been caught in a naughty act. Also look at the container!

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  • Guess he thought the PUPPY in Hush PUPPY meant it was for him!!! Smart puppy!
  • Now you can think of this every time you have hush puppies! I agree that he looks way too dignified to have done something like that.
  • A Doodle's got to do what a Doodle's got to do. I'm guessing he got a whiff of that hush puppy mix and assumed Santa brought it for him. Sounds reasonable, right. Hard to be made at that face.
  • Hope your dear father-in-law has a sense of humor!! or at least likes Capp!
  • Remember those 400,000 phernomes these guys have? My dogs have done that too. But they didn't have such cute brown fleece faces for the stuff to stick onto like this. I needed to laugh also. A real southerner!!
  • Oh he can read... Hush "PUPPY" mix ....?
  • LOL!!! TY I needed a good laugh today! What an adorable face..Im going to show my groomer Capp's face!! I can also bet Santa doesnt forget him!!!
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