Certified Pre-Owned Doodles?

About 18 months ago, I was in the market for a new vehicle. I had been driving Maximas for 15 years, and was tired of getting stuck and skidding through the Chicago winters. I wanted AWD. I started looking for a smallish, car-based SUV, otherwise known as a "crossover." I wanted a 6-cylinder engine, a sun-roof and heated seats, with good lumbar support for the driver. Because I have worked part-time for an auto-repair shop for years, I knew which makes were the most reliable. I really wanted a Lexus, but I couldn't afford one. I looked at a few vehicles, test-drove a couple. Nothing in my price range was what I really wanted.I was telling this to my boss, and he said, "Why don't you drive my car and see how you like it?"And he handed me his keys. My boss drives a Lexus RX."There's no point," I said. "I can't afford one.""Sure you can. You buy one CPO. That's what I did. 3 year, 100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, and somebody else already took the depreciation hit. Smartest thing I ever did."I loved his car; the ride, the handling, the luxury, the features. I had never owned a used car in my life, but every bit of research I did told me this was the way to go. I could have a low-mileage, luxury SUV with every feature I wanted for little more than half the price of a new one. Sold. Went to the dealer and got my "new" car, in a color called "bamboo pearl"...a silvery, pale green. I would have preferred the light blue, or the burgundy, but they weren't available in the CPO stock. When you buy CPO, you have to be flexible on certain things. And I love my pre-owned Lexus! It is trouble-free.I love my "pre-owned" doodle, too. More than I can say. But that is where the comparison ends.You cannot 'shop' for a rescue dog like you would for a used car. Rescue dogs do not come with warranties or a choice of "equipment."Sadly, many people don't seem to realize this. They want a high-priced, "designer" dog, but they can't afford to pay for a "new" one. So they go to searching for a rescue, looking for a bargain. Often they have a list of preferences...they want a dog that doesn't cost a lot, doesn't shed, doesn't need a fenced yard, is a certain color, sex, & size, is good with small children (who may or may not be good with dogs), and they want it today.They are facing certain disappointment.Please do not attempt to adopt a rescue dog for the sake of saving money. It is the wrong thing to do. Most breeders will sell any puppy to anybody, as long as they can pay the asking price. A good rescue or shelter will not. Their only concern is, and should be, that the dog gets an appropriate permanent home. This has all been said before, but it bears repeating:1. Many, if not most, re-homed dogs have lots of issues, both behavioral and medical.2. All rescue dogs need to go to homes where they will stay for life, no matter what.3. Waiting lists for fluffy blonde medium sized female doodles are longer than this blog.4. Rescue dogs may have issues that will cost you far more than the purchase price of a healthy puppy from a responsible breeder.5. The purchase price of any dog, even a healthy one, is just the tip of the iceberg.6. Dogs require a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of training. Rescues, more than most.7. Top-notch rescues and shelters are going to react to questions about shedding like chalk on a blackboard. If you are concerned about allergies & shedding, DO NOT ADOPT A DOODLE.8. A fifteen year relationship is worth a few months of searching, filling out forms, and making sure you have a good match.You should consider size & temperament as they apply to your particular living situation. Certainly, you should like the looks of any dog you own. But sex and color are superfluous issues and if they are very important to you, you really should buy a dog from a responsible breeder.You should adopt a dog because you have love to give, a life to share, and a desire to care for a companion animal, and you do not want to buy one when 4 to 5 million homeless dogs a year are being euthanized for no good reason. Period.
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  • Thank you so much for your kind words about Charlie. The verse was perfect for him and his last night. Thanks again, Eva
  • I so agree with what you just said. This needed to be said. This is why I went to a responsible, reasonably priced, loving, caring breeder and not a rescue. Sometimes on this site some people make you feel bad if you do not go the rescue route. Not everyone is equipped to handle rescue problems and I was not. This is why none of us should feel bad for buying frm a responsible breeder. I'm so happy those breeders are out there. I waited for months to do that too. As much as many breeders give guarantees there are really no perfect guarantees. Just like kids, there's no perfect dogs or kids either (except mine - ha - NOT!) Karen I really love your advice. This post needs to be in big lights somewhere so everyone can read it. It should be given to people at shelters before they think about adopting.
  • More wise words from a wise woman!
  • Karen great insight to pre-owned dogs. We were lucky when we rescued our dalmation had 11 great years with her. Please read my blog, i have great news and i am jumping out of my skin w/happiness. Denise bressler
  • So insightful. Sadly Americans seem to want to buy now & pay later. As Epictetus used to say, "Nothing comes for free."
  • Great post! Well said! You hit in the issues why buying a puppy was my route - not rescue. I would love to be altruistic and rescue all the animals in the world. But I am also realistic as to what our families personal needs, limitations, and capabilities are. I felt I had a lower risk of getting a dog with issues that I couldnt address if I raised one from puppyhood. Saving money is great! Rescuing even better. But I had to be realistic -I know myself.

    Oh and when the boss handed you the keys to test drive his Lexus...that is when you should have hit him up for a raise.
  • This is very true... Thank you....
  • You are spot on right, well said!
  • So very true.... I have a very beautiful, fluffy blonde who is still afraid of so many things. We keep working and playing with her, she has come so far and we love her unconditionally. She has taught us so many things like patience and perseverance and even more patience. At the end of the day when she greets us at the door with her tail wagging and you never see all the other issues, only her trust, love and happiness that we are there to hug and pet her and hug and pet her some more.
  • Good choice in cars and great comments about rescue and choosing the right dog. I wish more people could read this. (BTW-I had the same SUV, a 1999 version-we sold it last year and I have regretted it ever since)
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