Thanks everyone for all your welcome home wishes for Kai!Kai has been home since Friday. We are having the best time with him! He has a playmate next door, our neighbors teacup poodle Daisy. They have a great time together.He has two speeds go and sleep. There doesn't seem to be an in between. He is knocking on the doors and or his bells when he needs to go out. He is sleeping very peacefully in his crate with his Snuggle Puppy. He lays on his bed when we eat dinner and is an absolute love to hold.He did pick up a flip flop once but after he heard LEAVE IT, he hasn't gone back. Since Kai is Keith's first ever dog I keep telling him how lucky we are and this isn't normal. Keeping our fingers crossed that it's not all a fluke!This is Kai with our nephew Tony. No matter how big they get dogs & boys just go together. ;-)

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  • Kai is a very special pup. This is the same thing that happened with Remington. He never cried when is his crate, listened so well, and was so easy! After we got him everyone at work was joking about me having sleepless nights with a new puppy and I was always like... "Nope, he sleeps through the night!" They were all like... "THAT IS SO NOT FAIR!" So happy to hear the Kai is all that you dreamed of!
  • As you know, our Maggie came home on the same day.
    Your experiences so far sound just like Daisy's homecoming.
    But partly thanks to Daisy's obnoxious behavior Maggie is having a more difficult time adjusting.
    Congratulations on your good fortune.
  • Kai is definitely one loved puppy! I am so happy for you that you've got such a dear sweetheart!
  • Look how cute......
  • Gotta love that Kai! He sounds like he is exceptionally smart. Maybe he can come teach Abby a thing or 2 about how to ask to go out. I have to really make some poochy bells.
  • What a beautiful puppy Kai is. Keep up the good work Kai. You know how to wrap those humans around you little paw.
  • Wow-isn't he the best and cutest puppy ever? If this is Keith's first puppy, he has been blessed because as we all know-it doesn't always happen this way.
  • He is adorable. We also brought Guinness home on Friday. They really look so much alike..same size and coloring. Isn't it the best? Guinness loves his crate at night but doesn't really want to sleep there during the day. He'd rather be in his bed in the middle of the action. How much is he eating and what? Our puppy is only eating about a cup and a half of Wellness kibble a day with a little cooked chicken or beef at night.
  • Great news, sounds like everything is going well with Kai.
  • Janie~ He loves his crate! About 5 minutes of crying the first night but after that goes in and goes to sleep. He will also go in it to rest or play when he wants during the day. I attribute his liking it to the fact that the breeder worked with him on it before he came to us & also the Snuggle Puppy.
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