Dear Doodle moms and dads,
Well, they finally decided upon my name. They took all of your suggestions and wrote them in chalk on the back patio and waited to see which ones got peed on. We peed on all of them!

So then they decided to put names in a hat and pull one out. Ned ate all of the papers - what a baby!

As suggested in the previous blog, they decided to hold an Adina-type contest with a LesPouchs brush to the winner. And the winner - drum roll please ..... ta da ta da....... The winner is Nancie Casey with the suggestion of CLANCY.

My mom said Nancie Casey wins the brush - oops I forgot she just gave Ned the LesPouchs brush. Does that mean Ned won my contest?

My mom went to the store in my honor and bought me - just for me - $80 worth of toys. I think it is because I went through ALL of the toys in the house except they won't let me near the fuzzy balls. Ha ha - I had them all chewed up in two hours except the black kong and some bright bone-shaped thing. She took pictures before I got them comfortably chewed.

Now all that is left is to get rid of my brother Gordie - I will pay someone many dog cookies to take him off my hands. He is not my lab or doodle kind and I don't like him. I keep fighting with him but he is still here.

Thanks for all the name suggestions. They were very, very good. My mom did a lot of laughing though - how very, very rude! My mom says I need to straighten up and deserve my name. Mostly I am very, very perfect - but that Gordie ....... yuck.
Love and doodlekisses to all,

Clancy doodle

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  • Dear Clancy,

    Gordie says that since you came last, your the first to go. However, if you cant find a home for him he is always welcome with the Whippets...and Le Roi.

  • Thank you all for your positive comments. We are really thrilled with Clancy too. Gordie is definitely our odd man out but that must make him unique and special in a sea of golden color.
  • Love the name. Enjoy him.
  • Sorry Gordie, you're out numbered!
  • Yes, Gordie was hoping for a little liver and white pup - if there had to be one at all. Personally Gordie thinks multiple dogs are NOT as much fun as the multiple dog group touts.
  • I agree, sounds good.
  • Well, that is a no brainer then...Nancy, Ned and Clancy!!!
  • I WILL BE FIRST!!!!! Nancy,_____ and _____ or......
  • Ned, Clancy and Nancy...NCN
    The other way around wouldn't be right Nancy, Clancy, Ned because Ned was here first!

    Hummm NNC...sounds like a TV news station...they all do.

    My initials are NCC which looks really stupid. But now I have digressed totally. We are not talking initials but three names!! Ned, Clancy & Nancy that's it!!
  • Thank you all for the great name suggestions. I mean Blarney and Huladollar were my all time favorites - actually we really tried Hula out for a couple of hours and I really really thought it was a fun name. In the end we had to go with the Irish thing. Thank you Nancie Casey for suggesting it.
    I tried to upload pictures but totally forgot the profile name. Now I have to decide is it first come first serve or do I get the rhyme out of the way first off? Do I sandwich Ned between the -ncys? Hmmmmm- I thought Ned chewed toys - he doesn't have a patch on Clancy. I hope Clancy learns to treasure those darn things and not chew them up in 5 minutes.
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