Dear Laurie,

Apparently you ordered a gift for me from a place called Harry Barker, which was very nice of you, but I'm sorry to tell you that they sent the wrong thing by mistake!

The box was addressed to me, and there was a card addressed to me, too, but guess what? Inside the box was a terry cloth apron for my mom instead!



As you can see, it does look kind of cute on her, and Dog knows she can use something to keep her clothes clean when she eats, so I'd like to let her keep it, if you don't mind. I know that your note said you were sending me something for my spa days, but honestly, I don't need a thing, and they probably wouldn't let me have any toys or snacks there anyway.

It's the thought that counts, Laurie, and it was really nice of you to think of me. Thank you.

Hugs and Doodle Kisses to you,



PS: (They also sent some poop bags in a little holder that is meant to clip onto something, maybe her fake Coach poop bag carrier. I can't think where else you could clip it.)


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  • LOL, Leslie, surely you jest! Jackdoodle, Esq., President of the NDC, carry his own poop bags? Can you say neverinamillionyears, boys and girls?

  • It's a lovely robe/apron!  JD will make everyone at the spa so jealous.  Well, they'll think he's Vern at first, but once they catch on...

    I think you should clip the poop backs to the tie on the robe.  Then JD can carry his own stuff.

  • Thanks, Carol, and my mom thanks you, too! Yes, I definitely got my smarts from my mom! She was actually accepted to law school, but they addressed her acceptance letter to "Mr.", so she turned them down. ;-)

    Laurie did tell my mom the robe was for me, she is always trying to get me to look silly like Fudge and Vern!

  • Funny, Funny, Funny!    JD, please tell your Mom she is a doll...and looks so cute in your robe.  Somehow I think Laurie was trying to trick your Mom....I'll bet she tried to convince her that robe apron was meant for you!    Laurie thinks you are the lawyer....but doesn't she realize where you got your "smarts" from?!

  • Thank you, Pat! Laurie is definitely a sweetheart!

    Thanks, Nicky. I am definitely a Naked Doodle for life!

  • Laurie was just testing to see if she could get you to exit that Naked Doodle but I see she failed.  It does look good on you Mom though! 

  • Too funny!  JD is just gorgeous--wow for shiny, and his mom is looking great too!  I can just imagine you explaining that your cute 'apron' is a doggie robe, and well, it happened like this...LOL  Laurie is such a sweetie.

  • Gavernstein is too much like Gravenstein, the apple:

    Although that would be in keeping with your food names.

  • Karen, At first it was Gavin + Vern = Gavern and then Vern + Einstein = Vernstein. Lisa coined it, but I think it should be Gavernstein :)

  • LOL, Lisa!

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