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I just have to share this story about Libby.  Every single day this Doodle amazes and convinces us they are so human.  Last night we were watching Parenthood and Libby was playing on the floor with her toy bag she dearly loves.  She pulls the toy bag to the middle of the room and then takes each toy out separately and plays with the basket having a wonderful time. 

Towards the end of the show the Father and Mother of the family were sitting in their backyard reminiscing about their lives and sharing all the great memories of raising their family in this house and talking about how they are in the later stages of their lives.  Well as a mother of five and as sentimental as I am the tears started flowing and I mean flowing.  All of a sudden I noticed Libby go to a “sit position” and stared at me with her head to a tilt with a look of “what’s wrong Mommy”?  She then came over jumped onto the couch and started kissing me and laid down on my lap.  You can guess what happened next, I totally fell apart that this Doodle knew her Mommy was sad and she came to comfort me.   I am still this morning in “awe” of what she did and I cannot say enough about how absolutely amazing these Doodles babies are and how they love their families.

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  • Lonnie - I agree!!!!!

  • Donna - Our Doodles definitely know when someone needs them and it amazes me how they react to each different situation.  Tender when needed, loving when needed, comforting and playful when it is time:)  LOL  How sweet Bay was to be right by the side of someone who needed her.   Love these Doodles:)

  • Robin - Thank you and once again I think our LIbby's are almost "twins"!  I can look at Libby and she makes me cry I love her so  much!  They so know who we are and what we are feeling.

  • A few weeks ago my daughters boyfriend came to stay at our house after a rather major surgery. Bay can be quite jumpy and a bit crazy with us but with our houseguest, she followed him around very cautiously and carefully and would lay right at the foot of his chair. She amazed me. They do hold quite the nurturing instinct which i love! Sweet story.
  • Great story - Libby Louise is also very tuned in to tears.  She will cuddle and lick them away.  Which usually makes me cry harder!  Thanks for sharing!

  • Lynda - Your story is so sweet too.  They absolutely know when we are not feeling well or just need some love and warmth!  Their instincts amaze me!

  • Toby - Thanks, she definitely showed true love to me that night!

  • My heartdog, Hondo (died 3 years ago), was so tuned into me that he could crawl up very quietly onto my bed when I was sick and just lie next to me.  Then, when he got sick, he would also crawl up next to me and want some comfort.  He only did this when I was sick or he was sick.

  • OMG. That is the sweetest story . They truly just love. :)
  • Michelle - They truly are the smartest and most loving dogs we have ever owned.  Libby definitely came to comfort me at that moment!  

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