Duncan turns 1 today!

Today is Duncan's first birthday...he suffered through wearing a hat for me just long enough to snap a few pics. And as a reward he got some baked treats from the Beggin Dog Bakery here in my neighborhood. I let him have the 2 smaller treats today and we're going to save the Happy Birthday bone for tomorrow night to keep him busy while we're feasting on our Christmas Eve dinner.For presents, he got a new dog bed, and a hide-a-squirrel toy! Unfortunately the hide-a-squirrel toy was missing one of the 3 squirrels. Oh well. He was still quite happy to shove his head in the tree part. Happy Birthday Duncan! Here's a pic of him wearing his hat. Will upload an album of all the rest.

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  • Happy Birthday Duncan!! What a handsome Christmas Doodle!
  • Happy Birthday, Ducan!!! From your bro, Ned
  • Happy 1st Birthday Duncan!!! What a cutie !!
  • happy Birthday Duncan!! Now you'll get some Christmas presents too in two days!!
  • Happy Birthday Duncan! You are soooo handsome! Your eyes are gorgeous!
  • Happy Birthday, Duncan! You're adorable. Enjoy your hide-a-squirrel! And tell your mommy she can buy packs of replacement squirrels! Halas loves his squirrels. There's a video on our page of him tossing his squirrels down the stairs last Christmas.
  • Ahhhhh Duncan you look so cute in your hat! Hope you didn't get jipped because your birthday is right before Christmas! DH's b-day is in January and he always accuses me of just saving one of his Christmas presents! Doesn't that first year go by quickly (especially after the puppy teeth are gone). Happy Holidays!
  • Happy Birthday Duncan, you handsome dood! :-)
  • Happy Birthday, Duncan! You're mighty cute!
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