Sweet Ruby Foster Doodle went to her forever family this weekend! Ruby is such a good girl and her new family is absolutely thrilled with her. They are getting the first hand experience of how being ill-treated for the first three years of her life is NOT going to get Miz Ruby down! She has way too much goodness and love in her for that! So please, join me in wishing Ruby and her new family, the Walkers, every happiness in the world!


Another dog was available for fostering, and Callie and I agreed to take him. While I don't know a lot about this boy, he was turned in with two other doods, all of the same age and coloring so I'm assuming they're siblings. The other doods are with other DRC fosters (so I'll let them tell you about their doggie's adventures!).


Since I started fostering, my nephew has been BEGGING me to name a foster "Yankee", so that he would be "Yankee Doodle", so this guy is the lucky recipient of the name!!


Yankee is SO cute and SO sweet! He's about 10 months old and has lots and lots of sweet puppy energy, interspersed with sleeping like a rock! I have to say though that I LOVE when he's being a little bundle of energy! I tell him he's a "hot mess" of a puppy. 


I picked Yankee up on Saturday morning from Kim, our wonderful volunteer who kept both Yankee and his (possible?) brother Amos until Ruby went to her forever home.  Yankee was a total angel in the car, just lounging on the backseat. I introduced him to Callie and there was LOTS of tail-wagging sniffing. Then Yankee went bonkers! He ran all over the house, sniffing everything and "tasting" anything he could pick up! My favorite is when I was in the bathroom and he brought me the remote control for the TV!!! It wasn't damaged or anything...perhaps he just thought I wanted to watch some TV while I peed! I took him and Callie to our little internal dog park and let them run around like maniacs. Yankee makes friends fast and loves humans and canines in equal measure!


I really do wish I knew more about Yankee - he's skinny and has definitely skipped some meals in the past but I see no other evidence of neglect. He's happy, well socialized, and bouncy! I'll be working on (and his forever family will need to continue to work on) proper training for a doodle puppy. Yankee walks nicely on a leash but needs to improve his manners in several key areas. Like remote controls!


Pictures below of Yankee!

Yankee says "my toys now!" (he LOVES toys and has played with pretty much every one we own!)




My foster mommy says I remind her of my foster sister, Callie! That's good, right?



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  • I am so glad for Ruby and the Walkers.  Lucky Yankee...he has won the foster lottery :-)
  • How creative of your nephew-that made me laugh! Hope Yankee continues to grow and be a good boy-sounds like a keeper to me. You are awesome for being a foster. Also happy for Ruby!!!
  • Frannie...maybe Yankee is really down deep meant to be yours and Callies!!!!
  • He's so cute!  I'm craving a dark brown/black doodle now, and he sounds so fun!  And I love that he is Yankee Doodle!  Enjoy him!
  • What a cute boy, have fun.
  • Yankee might be the foster that makes me break down and get a video camera. He's HILARIOUS! He's just the busiest guy in the world! He loves loves loves Callie, and Callie is being an excellent doodle trainer. Yankee follows Callie everywhere! When we're outside, if she pees, he has to pee too. If Callie picks up a toy, so does Yankee. Last night I was laying on the sofa. Callie came and laid on top of me, and then Yankee came and laid on top of HER....and started trying to hump her!! These doodles just crack me up! They are better than any TV show!

  • I'm so happy to hear the great news about Ruby.  Yankee are a "dandy Dood".  Frannie and Callie, you are the BEST!
  • oh my goodness, what a cutie!!! You are an angel giving good doodles a good temporary home!!! Keep us updated on this little guy!
  • You're awesome, Callie!  I am so happy for Ruby, and Yankee for being with you.  I wonder if someone taught him to fetch remotes...:-)
  • I am so glad that Ruby has her forever home at last!  And now...Yankee Doodle!  You are one amazing lady and Callie is such a good sport and teacher.  Keep us posted!
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