Friday the 13th

Today it's really Friday the 13th for me. I came back from work and went with Benny to my friend who owns the Bordeauxdog Zoey who is Benny's biggest buddy. We went together on a walk around the lake and both dogs were off leash. In the distance we saw already 2 people standing around with a great dane and an american bullterrier both off leash as well. We slowly approached and the great dane came over to greet our dogs. The american bullterrier was laying next to the owner (at least I assume that woman was the owner). Then the bullterrier stood up and approached our dogs as well. Suddenly he attacked Zoey without any warning. My friend called her dog and she immediately ran away from the bullterrier and stood behind my friend. Poor Benny was still busy sniffing on the great dane and didn't realize that the bullterrier who had just attacked Zoey went now after him. He started yelping and whining and immediately layed on his back. The bullterrier was standing over him and was still trying to bite him. I ran over there and chased the dog away while that woman wasn't doing ANYTHING. She didn't call her dog, she didn't go there to do something, it seemed she wasn't even interested. After I chased the dog away Benny was still laying on his back and looked really paralysed. He didn't dare to move and just kept staring at me. I went on my knees and slowly turned him around to see if he was alright. He was shivering and didn't want to go a step away from my side. Meanwhile that woman went to her dog and was holding the dog at the collar. I was still to worried about Benny that I didn't think clear so I only asked her if she didn't think it would be a really good idea to put a leash on that dog if he is so aggressive towards other dogs. She didn't say anything just stood there, looking stupid at me and holding her dog at the collar. For some reason the man with the great dane didn't say anything either and my friend pulled me on my arm to walk further. After we were quite a distance away we realized that this woman didn't even say sorry or asked if our dogs were all right.After I returned home I checked Benny over and over to see if he really didn't have any injuries as he was limping a bit the first 10 minutes after the attack. With all the fur it's not that easy to see but I guess he is all right. Zoey has a little wound which we disinfected at home but it doesn't look that bad that we need to see a vet.This was Benny's first dogfight and I know he is not a hero and always prefers either to run away or to lay on his back but this dog just ignored all these signs.This was my Friday the 13th and I am still a bit under the weather but I am happy that nothing more happened.Doodlehugs to all of you out there
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  • There is something like an unwritten law among dog owners here in our lake area that only friendly dogs are allowed to run off leash. Usually that works really good. When I see a dog on a leash I always call Benny and put his leash on as well. And he really wants to become friends with everyone and everything even with insects what is somethings really funny when he finds a worm in the yard and then immediately goes down with his front legs and starts wagging his tail.
    Therefore I can't understand that some dogs are just not able to speak dog language and even don't care when another dog is already lying on the back.
    Thank god Benny is alright and I checked on Zoey this morning and she is fine as well. She is the sweetest Bordeauxdog I have ever seen anyway. She is a clumpsy friendly clown and could never harm anyone although she is tall and massive. She also has really strong mother instincts and as soon as we meet a puppy she is taking care that playing with big dogs is getting to rough. If so she gently pushes the other dog away and stands for a moment between the dog and the puppy until the puppy wants to start playing again. Both played this morning again with other dogs as ususal and I don't think that this experience frightened them. At least a happy ending!
  • Bordeauxdogs are pretty big and seem like they can stand up for themselves, so it's great that Zoey just ran away. That could have quickly escalated into a really bad dog fight with 4 large dogs (and poor Benny probably the smallest of them all). Zoey must be well-trained.
  • I am not sure if anyone will know who that woman is. We take a walk around the lake at least once a day so we pretty much know all the dogs there. But as there are woods as well often people go there by car to walk their dogs. I have seen the man with great dane already a couple of times and I had the impression that they knew each other because they were standing together and talking. As he didn't react at all either I am not sure if I should ask him next time I see him because I am wondering if he would give me any information. Besides he seems a bit strange anyway. I guess Benny is alright as he is snoring all evening since we got home :). I will check on Zoey tomorrow but she is a tough girl so I guess she is alright too. But I will definitely keep my eyes open for this dog.
  • I hope Zoey and Benny are both OK. If the other owner didn't seem shocked or surprised, then her dog has obviously done this before. IMO, if someone knows their dog is like that, they shouldn't have him off-leash. And if other dogs even start to approach, they should let you know that their dog can be aggressive. Do you think other people in your area will know who this person is? Maybe you could file a report with animal control or something.
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