I'm shaking. But I'm typing. This is that important.

I took Jack for a walk this afternoon, and we were walking past a yard when some dogs came rushing the fence barking ferociously. Suddenly, I had a leash in my hand, and Jack was at the fence barking back at them. Loose. Loose, in somebody's sideyard, with the street and the coming-home-after-work traffic about 100 feet away.

The snap pulled away from his leash. It was still attached to his harness.

I yelled Stay! and he stayed. Thank God, thank God. He stood there without moving and waited for me to get the leash around his neck in a slipknot and we made it home. I couldn't speak, which worked to my advantage because he thought I was madder than I've ever been at him and he was meek & obedient as a lamb on his makeshift tether. And we made it home. Thank God.

The leash is two years old. I didn't know the snap could just pull away from it. If we had been on the other side of the street from the yard with the dogs...

I am going to go buy a new leash and then I'm going to have a drink. I have still not spoken to Jack, who is lying here in shame, but breathing. In big, big trouble, but alive. Thank God, thank God.

Please go hug your doodles and then check their leashes. And then you can have a drink too if you feel like it. Drink a toast to luck and training and the Grace of God.

Thank you.

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  • Yikes :(( Glad he was so well behaved! They do know when you are serious.........Giada gets like that too!
  • Oh no, Karen.. I can imagine how scared you were. I hope you are feeling a bit better now...I think this spring will bring us ALL getting back to re-training and training more. Good boy, Jackdoodle for being such a good listener! Too close for comfort!
  • Oh Karen.....What a scary situation!! I beat your heat skipped 3 beats......Thank god Jack listened and was a good boy :-) I had a few scares with my wheaten, fletcher girl however now that she just turned 6 her spunk has worn off alittle thankfully.....xoxox Cheers to a happy ending
  • It sounds like you need two drinks. What a good boy for listening to you in that situation.
  • LOL- I picked up the poop bag I dropped on our morning walk, too!
    Good boy for staying, bad boy for reacting to the fenced dogs. Yet, if he hadn't tugged, I might never have known the snap was worn and it could have happened at an even worse time! We will be doing more intense work on the reactiveness in the spring!
    I am still just flabbergasted at what happened, though. Those leashes with the carbiners or whatever are looking pretty good to me.
  • What a GOOOD boy for staying! How frightening Karen!!! ...so glad it was a safe ending!
  • Oh Karen.....I am so glad everything turned out....Jack is such a good boy to mind you that way....we will now do a check before every walk....thanks for sharing the story....you should also toast yourself!
  • So scary! Very glad that Jackdoodle is ok.
  • I am sending you love, sweetie. Good job. Good momma. Good boy, Jack.
  • Wow, this is really frightening, Karen! I'm so glad it turned out o.k. and thank you for this posting. Doodle hugs and kisses to you and Jack!
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