Grade 3 Heart Murmur

my sweet cookie got her first exam today. She is 6wks 3 days old. She has 3/6 Left Systolic Heart Murmur. I have researched and I am still not sure what to think. She has has been having a rapid growth  spirt. She is a puppy from my Daughters ( Duke and Daisy ) she is still with her mother and litter mates. I will bring her home in a week. Vet said bring her back in 2 weeks, told my daughter not to sell her. These puppies are all loved. They are not being sold, but givien to family and freinds that we know will love them. Could never be a breader, want to keep them all. I’m just so worried about her, in love with her. Any experience with heart murmurs?

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  • I have a friend with a doodle with a heart murmur. I sent her a link to this blog and I hope she might have information to help you. I think the vet meant not to let the puppy go to a home whether paid or free. I assume your home might be fine but not to any family that might not be able to care for her needs.
    PS - if your daughter bred her two dogs then she is a breeder and should only have done so AFTER health testing her dogs.
  • I wish I could help, but I don't know anything about heart murmur grading. You might want to post this in the forum rather than here in the Blog section because blogs are mostly for sharing stories and thoughts. When you want answers from members, the Forum is the place to go!
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