Green Eyed Monster

As I read the posts of all the people that have recently added a second doodle to their families or those stories of a sick doodle seeking out the comfort of their doggie sibling, I can’t help but struggle to fight off the green eyed monster



Please don’t get me wrong.  I am filled with such happiness when I read these success stories but then I feel that happiness getting a nice swift kick from my jealous side.


I would so love to have 2 happy fluffy doodles that loved each other as much as they love me.  I would love to look up from my DK computer time and see them snuggling together on the couch



instead of always being worried that one wrong glance or a toy or a treat will turn 2 fluffy doodles into a snarling, growling, pile of fur



Sigh…Maybe someday.  Till then, here’s hoping that all the happy stories continue and that I get to keep reading about all that wonderful doodle love. 

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  • I'm sorry to hear that you are still having challenges. I really admire all your hardwork with Cubbie and Ollie. I think it's important that people know it isn't always snuggles and lovin.

  • Amy, I'm so glad that you are seeing some improvement with Cubbie and Ollie. I had to think long and hard about adding a second and I am thankful every day that all is well between my two. Will continue with well wishes for you all!

  • I am very glad Amy that you let people know that it is not always easy adding a second dog.  I admire the work that you have done so far and know it's not easy being a temporary single doodle mom.  Your stick-to-it-ness WILL make the difference.

  • Karen, if the day ever comes that I find them snuggling together, I can guarantee you that I will write the biggest blog about it.  lol.  I don't know that we will ever get to that point though but that is ok.  I will continue to enjoy reading all the stories of other doodles pairs out there.   

  • Amy, I really do believe that C & O will continue to bond with time and I do think there will be a day when they completely love and depend on one another. They have come so far. Hang in there. When it comes to doodle owners, you are one of my heroes.

  • I get the envy part of having two doodles but thus far I have not been brave enough to do what you did and get the 2nd, watching the DRC slide show is pushing me though. Hang in there, with all your hard work I just know it will be bliss someday.

  • Amy, I think it is always good to take off the rose colored glasses before entering into a huge commitment like a dog or second dog. You certainly can tell the other side of the story and are living it, so who better to take on that task. Meanwhile, thanks for giving F & V the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I am sure the only reason they were naughty was because they were worried about their appearance. :)

  • Amy, you and Jane have taught me through your posts that some dogs come with problems that are difficult to solve. I knew that before I started reading your stories, however, I didn't really KNOW. Thank you.

  • Thanks DJ.  Sometimes I feel like i'm being a Debbie Downer when people come on and post about wanting to get a second dog.  I don't ever want to discourage someone from doing that, I just want to make sure that they go into with eyes wide open and are totally aware that it isn't always 100% wonderful or easy. 

  • Laurie, maybe they were just worried that they weren't wearing the right attire for this photo shoot.  I mean they are famous after all and have to keep up appearances.  They can't let any old paparazzi (spelling) take pictures of them!

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