Happy Birthday Chloe!

Hard to believe my naughty crazy Chloe is 6 today!

Sadly I have to work the weekend so I guess it's movie watching with dad all day. She would much prefer going to see her peeps at PetSmart! Maybe when I get home she can go for a car ride there.

Time flies by so fast yet some things never change...still can't put the toilet paper on the holder, still can't leave a blanket out on the couch, or a kleenex peeping out of the box, or our cat's 2 gates open, or Myla's red ball unguarded, or any toy without supervision-she will eat them in seconds! Most of all-Never leave a new couch without a baby gate blocking the door!

I can't believe how smart she is and the things that she remembers months later, like which yard had the fake turtle statue that she stared at for 20 minutes and looks for on every walk, which houses have cats in the window-I could go on and on. I didn't know what I was in for when I found Chloe, but I wouldn't change a thing-not a day goes by without a good laugh!

She has some Spring Fever bad! She wan't to spring out of the yard and go for her walks, rather than potty in the yard. Waiting because of all the salt and debri around. She set us up for a big decision for the spring-we did some landscaping and have rock/flowers/lights and a waterfall. We started of with toxic free playground chips-a mess! They ate that stuff. So we dug that all out and put bigger rocks in and now she keeps walking away with these rocks in her mouth which terrifies us because of her expensive dental work from cracking her tooth on who knows what! DH wants to take everything out and just have grass-still a battle back and forth what will happen.

Chloe has become a BIG snuggler lately and I love it! She was always so independent, but she will take any time that Myla don't grab first!

So Happy Birthday Chloe-find some good mischief for daddy today!!! Love you to pieces!3356590357?profile=original



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  • Happy Happy Birthday Chloe!  Wow, look at your stash of presents, we can tell you are one lucky Doodle :P


  • Happy Birthday Chloe!
  • Happy Birthday Chloe!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Chloe!  We're glad your humans took you to Petsmart to sniff around!  You are so cute!

    FInnegan says "Keep your eye on that toilet paper!"

  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Wow-never post a blog so early in the morning~sorry about all the typos, thought I fixed them all. Chloe DID go to Petsmart and another store after I talked DH into going after dinner.

    They were so tired on the way home Chloe was swaying back and forth in the car, but refused to lay down-she likes to watch EVERYTHING!

    No videos this year but complete strangers took pictures of the 2 nuts on their phones. She was spoiled with special treats throughout the day. I think they will rest all day long.

    Myla even ran into her off duty groomer and instead of running the other direction she rolled over for multiple belly rubs-she's good if she doesn't have her brush in her hand!!!

    Glad we took her out on the town-now back to work this morning:(

  • Happy Birthday, Chloe. You are very cute!!


  • Chloe you are beautiful in your Birthday picture and Libby and I want to wish you a very happy 6th birthday!  Chole and Libby have something in common!  It's the bakyard "thing" or what use to be a backyard in our case.  Oh well, it can always be fixed and Libby has our hearts, what more can I say:)  Paw hugs and Doodle kisses from Libby:)

  • Wrapped presents?? That is terribly CUTE!!! Please tell me you have a video of her opening them?? Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

  • Happy Birthday, Chloe!

  • Happy 6th Birthday to you Chloe!! You are too cute with your hat and presents!!

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