Hello Again, DK Friends!

Hi All! I've been off of DK for a while, but got so many sweet holiday messages that I wanted to post a quick (it's me, so quick AND wordy!) blog entry to catch y'all up! I've missed my DK "family", but sometimes life just gets in the way!

So, back towards the end of June, I got a foster named Lucy. Poor Lucy was scared of everything (especially me) and she ran away about an hour after I got her back to my house. Needless to say, the two weeks she was missing were among the hardest of my life. I felt guilty that she escaped under my watch and just didn't know how we were going to capture a dog who won't come within 10 feet of a human. When she finally walked into one of the humane traps (baited with a pound of sausage!) on 7/7/11, I was one of the happiest people on earth! Lucy has gone on to a fantastically happy tail...she is now part of Nina's pack and has been re-named Lacey. We would all probably agree that if we were a lost and scared doodle, we would want Nina to take us in too!!

Sometimes, with great highs you get correspondingly low lows. The very day that we got Lucy back, I got laid off from my job. I had been there for 10 years, helped start the company and was devastated to be told that they were letting me go because "I made too much money" (I of course didn't think I made enough!). I am sure that many of you have been in this position or know someone who has been. Deborah Vaughn (Emmett's mom) was sweet enough to step in and take Lucy until Nina got back in town from her daughter's graduation. Then, Nina got Lucy/Lacey and their happy ending got to start!

I spent the next several months looking for a job. It was depressing. It was distressing. I didn't take on any fosters during that time...I knew that I had to take care of myself before taking on additional responsibility. And, since Murphy and his Law (not your sweet Murph, Jane!) like to assert their presence in my life, I also had to have two root canals, two crowns, threw my back out, and turned 40 (guess which of these was the most traumatic?!)

The longer I spent looking for a job, the more I felt like it was time to make a real change. I'd been in purchasing and marketing for 18 years, but took the plunge and am now proud to say that I'm an independent insurance agent now, representing Aflac. It is financially terrifying, because it's a straight commission job, but I seem to have an aptitude for it and I LOVE getting to sell products that I believe in so deeply (I've been an Aflac client for many years).

Callie loved my unemployment and is also enjoying my new job, because I frequently work from home! She is my #1 assistant, but we definitely need to work on her typing and filing skills! I've taken a new foster (I'll blog separately about her...she's too sweet for me to give her two lines at the end!) and am happy to be inching back into the doodle world!

Thanks for reading. This was a lot of sharing/oversharing and appreciate each of you for reading it. I hope that y'all have had a fantastic holiday season, and that your 2012 is off to a wonderful start!

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  • Welcome back!  You have had quite the eventful time, and I am glad to hear you are "landing on your feet". I like Aflac, and am glad you are enjoying your new position, after having such a hard time.  Better days!

  • Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

  • Glad you are back and things seem to be looking up.

  • Well, I can't quite say Welcome back since we communicate through many other channels... But I can say Welcome Back to DK!  And I agree with Carol, the 40's are great! Enjoy them!

  • Welcome back Frannie!  It sounds like 2012 is going to be a bigger, better year for you!   If it's any consolation....now that I'm 58 I can tell you that my 40's were the best years of my life.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.   Come to think of it...even my 50's haven't been too shabby!

  • Welcome back Frannie!  We have missed you.  And, welcome to your 40's.  They were some of the best years I had and I wish that for you as well.  Glad to hear that things are looking up and best wishes for a wonderful 2012. 

  • Great to have you back... thanks for the update!

  • So glad to see you back...really have missed hearing from you and Callie!  Strange how companies try to validate a firing.!!!  Their huge mistake!!  I'd start a competitive market against them and blow them out of the water with all your experience!! LOL I know you'll do well this new year..every job ive left..I've always found better!  Take care and hugs to Callie and new foster! 

  • Happy New Year Frannie! What a year you have had.  I am glad you are excited about your new opportunity. Best of wishes to you for 2012!

  • Welcome Home, Frannie.  We missed you and knew you were gone.

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