Here we go again! Puppies in hats!!

It's that time again! For those of you who followed my puppy blogs in the past, I always put hats on my pups when they reach the three week old mark--these hats are from elaborate clothing you can get for a toy called a Muffy bear. So, yesterday was the day! And here are the results! (One puppy is missing--his photos were blurry and need a do over!) 

(More to come in the comments section--somehow, I am always limited to a certain number of pictures...)








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  • so precious!

  • Ginny, these are precious!  Number six is my favorite!

  • Such cuties!! I'll take one :) LOL

  • Such a batch of cutie-pies! Thank you for posting. I want the last little one! doodlekisses for the pups

  • So adorable!  You must be having a ball with them!

  • Always so precious! Thanks for sharing!

  • She is a great dog Cheryl! Smart and talented!!! Knows a lot of tricks and great with a soccer ball!!

  • PUPPIES!!! I love these blogs. :-)

  • They are so sweet!
  • It is very hard to look at these darling photos without out yearning!  Each one is so darling!

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