My daughter had Jackdoodle in the car this morning when she decided to go through the McDonald's drive-through and get some coffee. Jack was in the seat behind her with his head out the window when she got to the cashier.

The young lady looked at Jack and said "Hi, Puppy!"

Then she looked at my daughter and said "He is a dog, right?"

I have not stopped laughing about this! Many people have asked what kind of dog Jack is, but nobody has ever doubted that he is, in fact, a dog!

I keep wondering what else she thought he could possibly be? A lion? A goat? A Tibetan yak?


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  • What a chuckle...will we ever know what she thought Jack Doodle might be???? I almost think you should take him back to Jack In The Box and see if it happens again only this time as her "what do you think he is?" ha ha

    You gotta wonder about some people! I love the though of possibly having a lion, goat or yak in the back seat of your car!!! He is such a handsome Doodle how could they even think otherwise!
  • That brought a literal LOL. Very Funny! Seriously, what else would he have been, a person in a costume???? LOL
  • ...a person....LOL. F Parker you are funny :-) Great story.
  • I don't treat my dog like a person," have a look in on us in the Food Group and you will see what I mean.*

    I had a look on my bed and came to the same realization. Silly me to think my pillows are only for me.
  • We treat them like people right? So I guess it just stands to reason...
    *If you are saying to yourself right now "no, I don't treat my dog like a person," have a look in on us in the Food Group and you will see what I mean.*
  • LOL! Kids always point to Darwin and say he looks like a polar bear... but never an adult! ha ha.
  • That is so funny!!!! Did Jack make an order????

    People have made similar comment about Welly - especially if he comes with me to the pub and sits on the seats next to us. They are bench seats and there will be Welly sat in the middle of a group of (human) friends. The waitress said -'Oh he looks just like a person sat there!'

    Doodles seem to have a very human quality don't you think? =)
  • Oh, how cute~At a Dunkin Donuts drive thru we were once asked if Sadie was real or a stuffed animal. She was all curled up and fast asleep in the back. But, the voice of the gal asking awakened our Sadie-and there was no longer any question. Sadie was startled-so the fun was quickly over! LOL
  • We were at an outdoor cafe, a lady at the table next to us, turned to her son and said, "Look Honey, its a Yeti!" while pointing to Koda.

    Another time, while we were walking the dogs, a little girl with her brother, both on roller blades, she exclaimed loudly to her brother when Koda and I walked past her, "Look! It looks like a stuffed toy but it is a real dog!".
  • All of that McD's food has probably killed some of her brain cells.
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