How many shots does it take?


Do you ever stop and look at how many pictures you take to end up with that one pose you were trying to get?  If you are taking a picture of more than one of them is always getting distracted while the other one is standing there giving you the perfect shot. 

Doodad finally got my new sign planted in my flower makes me smile every time I pass it.  Today I decided to do a little photo session.....and many shots did it take? took six shots and lots of...."Sit"....(which never happened)...and "Stay"....(which only worked on 1 dog at a time)....and that a girl...(which neither of them acknowledged.) when I got shot number 6......I figured that was as good as it was going to get.    

Don't get me wrong....I think most of our dogs are camera hams.....they love all the attention and hearing us laugh and giggle as we aim for that perfect shot!!  Don't you?





Wheezy....get back here....Mom is trying to take our picture by her new sign......


Wheezy look......was that a cat?


Wait mom.....we think we see a toad.....





Wheezy.........better stop playing around and look at the camera....


Wheezy......did you hear mom just say....who wants a good girl treat?


Good girl treat.......yeah.....I want one!!  

IMG-8184.JPG?et=lV2QRF25uMOy9GDNuh%2CAow&nmid=0 MDkyOTQ2NTQwNDBhOCZvZj*w.gif

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  • That is so cute!  I thought about getting a sign like that at our house, but I just couldn't, the last think Kahula is, is a guard dog, and the only time she barks is if we don't notice she's at the door to outside.  I'm hoping her size is a detterant.


  • Very cute!!! I know exactly what you are saying-glad we have a digital camera!
  • Tessa, if you got it in six shots you are doing great! Love your sign.
  • Om gosh Nancy....that's a lot of pictures....and I know the feeling when they don't turn out.....I have so many like that and when I use the flash I don't like the effect I get.
  • Thanks Carole  :)
  • Thanks Jane..  :)
  • Good girl treat works for everthing Lucy and Sophies Mom...LOL
  • Thanks Deanna....and you would make would have tons of pictures in your picture file like mine!!!  LOL
  • Thanks Kaytlin...I ordered the sign online....I love ordering doodle stuff!!
  • Thank you Doris
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