I Couldn't Have Done It Without You!

In the mail today I received a box with a wonderful "Thinking of You" card telling me to just be sure to take care of myself with all sorts of wonderful goodies to pamper myself including the most required pampering item there is (which of course is chocolate).  This box touched me in ways I can never even begin to appropriately express.  The reason being, it was from a young college student.  We all know that college students are usually living on Raman Noodles and stretching every single penny they have.  I remember that she not to long ago was without a beloved prized possession and was going to save her money to get a new one.  Camilla this was the most thoughtful, touching thing and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Thank you so much for thinking of me, your thoughtfulness will be with me forever.

That being said, I wanted to just take a moment once again to thank everyone here for all your sweet thoughts and prayers, your continued notes to me, and just checking in to see how Lucy is doing.  This whole process would have been unbearable without knowing that I had all of you out there thinking of us and all of your words and encouragement and even for your loving and missing Sophie just like we have.  We have gotten so many cards and notes from the people in the nursing homes and hospitals where she visited.  Her memory lives on in the hearts of many people.   She brought so much joy to so many in her short life.

Lucy still seems to be doing pretty well.  We took our 1st overnight road trip Tues and Wed of this week and I do have to say that it seemed really strange traveling with just one Doodle.  Lucy did ok, although she kept a really close eye on us at all times.  When we would stop for her potty breaks she wouldn't want Mike or I either one or the Van out of her sight.  I think she was feeling a little insecure.  The interesting thing that we have noticed though is there is very little barking now.  I'm not sure if they fed off of each other or if Sophie was the instigator.  It certainly didn't seem that way.  But, Lucy seldom barks (indoors) now.  She only barked one time in the hotel.  It is really going to be interesting to see her come into her own now.  We are trying to see how she is going to do around other dogs now and see if it makes any difference.  She is so protective of other dogs around me, but I'm hoping we can get her a little more secure with that.  Not sure though.  So, all in all I think that she is doing ok.  Her front leg seems to be getting much better.  We took her 1st walk in a week today.  Mike and I still struggle at times (like while I'm typing this), but we can also think about the happy times and the wonderful memories as well.

Again, Camilla you made my day so special.  Thank you to everyone for being the wonderful special group of friends I could ever hope to have!    Some day I hope to meet some more of you in person!


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  • That was very sweet sweet and thoughtful of everyone to do. You are definitely a cherished member here. I have been thinking of you a lot and am sending you and Lucy warm thoughts. By the way, my Sophie barks a lot more often when other dogs are around. I think this is normal.

  • How very sweet and thoughtful--one of the pups that left today is now named Sophie by her new family--see my blog tomorrow for pics--maybe Sophie's sweet spirit is in there somewhere.

  • Sheri, This is clearly an expression of how well-loved you are. Camilla is wonderful! We are all blessed to have her on this site for many reasons. I continue to think of you and Lucy and pray for you to be comforted. 

  • How very sweet of Camilla! I hope Lucy continues to do well!

  • Awwww....such a thoughtful thing to do.  Camilla is the best!  Hope Lucy does okay, and that the rest of you continue to heal.

  • Thank you so much F.  Whenever we're together, Augie and FInn are together too. It's going to be sad to have only Finn with us this time.    

  • I'd like to toast a chocolate egg to Camilla!  <Clink>

  • Oh, Cheryl, I am sorry to hear about Augie. I loved the photo shoot of him.

  • Camilla is an incredible young person who has a special place in all of our hearts.  She's an inspiration to "pay it forward" every day...and I second the thought that we're so lucky to have her here.  The tears that started the day I opened up my email and saw your post, started again over this act of kindness.  I only know Sophie through your stories and photos but she held a very special place in the hearts of the DK "pack" and mine. We keep you and Lucy in our prayers every night knowing that the healing will come.  So glad Lucy is doing better.  My sister's dear dog, Augie, went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and I hope that Sophie is showing him around. XO

  • Whoever said this Blog should be required reading for all newbies has my vote. I am so glad you are doing well and that you were surprised with a most thoughtful gift from one of our own. Sophie is firmly planted in my memory along with a couple of other doodles who have passed since I joined, she joins a very special pack in my heart.  I hope that your grief will lessen but your good memories never fade.

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