I Did Make it!!!!

Sorry, I should have updated this sooner. We did leave Virginia Sunday morning at 5am and had some rough driving for a few hours. We saw the aftermath of the storm. Cars and 18 wheelers in the ditch all over the place. One lady was stuck in her car for 15 hrs.We took it slow and pushed right through to Florida as they were expecting more snow. We're here and trying to make the best of things as my granddaughter has been very sick since yesterday.Will update more later.Yes Ann, still on for the 28th.Linda
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  • Thanks everyone. We ended up having to take Mylissa to a clinic. She had a fever for 3 days and was vomiting and there was no improvement. She has an ear and throat infection along with the flu. Poor kid hasn't had a very good vacation so far.

    Things have been pretty crazy. Today, my dogs went in the pool swimming. When Finn gets wet, he gets the zoomies and attacks poor Yankee wanting to play. They were running around the pool area and Yankee was trying to get away from Finn and he ran right through the screen enclosure. If that wasn't bad enough, he proceded to roll around in the dirt and came up with a grey coat. I ushered him back into the pool area where he left a trail of muddy footprints all over the white deck area.

    Luckily, we were able to get the screen repaired right away. Wanted to get it done before the holidays.

    Everything I do is always an adventure. I will have lots of stories to tell when I get home. Wish me luck with the rest of the vacation. Who knows what's next.

    Linda,Yankee & Finn
  • Oh my goodness! We're so happy that you made it safe and sound! Enjoy your vacation!
  • Glad you made it safely and hope your granddaughter feels better soon! Does she have the flu? What day were you planning Disneyland? Looks like the weather should be decent when we leave Christmas morning. May have some icy roads though. Looking forward to meeting you Linda!
  • Glad to here you arrived safely! Hope your granddaughter gets well quickly & you all have a very Merry Christmas!
  • I'm glad you arrived safe and sound! I hope your granddaughter feels better soon. Merry Christmas!
  • Hope your granddaughter gets better soon. And so glad you made it safely Linda. Merry Christmas!
  • Thanks Linda :) Glad you are finally safe.
    And Mickey will cheer up the granddaughter. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Maybe we will see you on TV for the Disney World Parade.
  • TG!!! I was very worried! What's wrong with your granddaughter?????
  • I'm glad you made it there safely! Happy Holiday!!
  • I am glad you arrived safely and sorry that after you finally made it that your granddaughter is sick. I hope she recovers quickly, children are resilient.
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