I think I need a 5 Year Old

I had my little great niece (wow that makes me sound old) yesterday. Lucy and Sophie did so well with her. After the initial excitement of her arrival the rest of the day went extremely smooth! We had no tears from being scratched all day (that's a first). Lucy and Sophie just don't realize that they are bigger than Emma and seems we always end up with Emma in tears. Yesterday though they entertained each other all day. Lucy would lay at Emma's feet under the desk while she played Dora on the computer. The only down side was the house was a mess ...... they had dog toys everywhere! At the end of the day Lucy and Sophie were exhausted!

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  • Go figure-my niece--Emma..came over and wore out my dood too!! They were play wrestling and kissing, and just having a grand ol time!
  • Emma is a doll!! I can't wait for a grandchild (or my doodle). I LOVE the look on these doodles faces--they are just so totally into Emma. I am so glad to hear your stories and to know that these dogs respond well to children. You are also giving Emma a wonderful gift NOT to be afraid of dogs. Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for sharing!!
  • Doodles are the greatest! Timbow adores my 2year old twin nieces and is really starting to love my 5 month old nephew too. He always knows how to act around them. The only time he gets a little wild is when we're outside and he gets the zoomies... :-)
  • Lace could care less. Lace is a CAT. As long as she does not have to move off the couch she could care less what stranger walked into the house. Just recently she does wag her tail at me lately when I come back into the room :)
    My son sat with her for an hour last night and watched TV. She likes her blanket and a warm lap more than food, dogs, or toys. She is a very OLD soul.
    May I borrow Emma? :)
  • This is one of the reasons doodles are so incredibly awesome. We had family friends here for Thanksgiving. Friend put her 5 1/2 month baby on the floor in the rec room. Peri cuddled up beside the baby and licked his forehead. She is a puppy and she knew she needed to be calm around him. WOW.
    Love your photos - thanks for sharing!
  • Black fleece + big blonde shedder- that's my personal fashion statement!
    Doodles + kids though- that's one of life's great combinations! My neighbors' 5 and 6 year olds regularly come to the door and ask if Jack can come out and play; not my 10-year-old grandson- Jack!
    I'm so glad Emma and your doodles had a great time together!
  • Emma is beautiful and look at that curly hair! (Love the name Emma) Actually all of the girls are beautiful! Glad everyone had a great time! Thanks for sharing!
  • You know Joanne, my mom and I had planned to take her shopping, but she didn't want to go. I asked her if she wanted to go to McDonalds for lunch and she said no, I said what do you want to do all day and she said "I just want to stay here and play". Well Ok, Cheap day for me! Only downfall was her mom sent her with "Black Fleece pants" .... not a good thing in a house with a big blonde shedder ...... she took half of Sophie home with her! Her plan was to TAKE Sophie home with her, but her mom veto'd that one real quick! They have a little 5 lb Yorkie .... big difference!

    How did F. Lace react to someone new in the house?
  • You can't sneak children into the house. Nice try but those doods know everything we are doing. :)
  • I agree, let's rent children! My oldest son, 22 came home from college last night and kept Spud busy for hours.

    These are really cute pictures. Emma will be back real soon. She is probably still talking about your house to her mom this morning.
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