It's Flash's First Birthday!

Although Knox introduced his new brother Flash in his own birthday blog a few days ago, I thought Flash deserved a little more than that.  Despite what Knox wrote, we are absolutely thrilled to have our new doodle boy.  As many of you know, I have fostered two doodles (Leah and Shiner) and one doodle-wanna-be (who could forget darling Carter?) for the DRC over the past year and volunteered in early December to foster Flash, a beautiful F1 goldendoodle who was being re-homed from Austin.  For the first time in all of my fostering experiences, I involved my DH in the process from the very beginning, and he traveled 75 miles with me to Bastrop, where we met Flash and his owner for the dreaded "pass-off."  He walked Flash around a park while his owner and I visited and completed the re-home paperwork and then he began to encourage the two of us to "wrap it up" so that we could get on the road and return home.  Honestly, if he had not been with me, I think Flash's first mommy and I would still be in the parking lot crying as this was a very heart-breaking decision that she was making.  Never did she think she'd be "one-of-those-people" to re-home a pet and never will I judge her for doing what she thought was in the best interest of her family.  Little did she realize that my DH had been smitten by Flash on their "walk in the park" and within 2 hours of having him in our home, he suggested that WE KEEP HIM!  What?? Be a FOSTER FAIL???  All I can say is that when you know it, you know it, and we knew that Flash needed us and we WANTED him! 

Flash was born on Christmas Day 2011 and today we celebrate his first birthday!  He is actually my DH's and  my Christmas present to each other and this is what we found under the tree this morning:




It thrills us greatly to say two things to this beautiful boy:  "Happy 1st Birthday! We're giving you your forever home!"  and "Thanks for being the best Christmas present ever!"

Flash Light -- we love you! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday, Flash! You're a lucky doodle boy!
  • Flash, you are one lucky guy to get the Light family! Happy Birthday!
  • THANK YOU, EVERYONE, FOR FLASH'S WARM WELCOME!! He feels like part of the DK family already! : )

  • Happy Birthday Flash!
    Here I am crying at something so happy! I had no idea about Flash until now-he is blessed!
    Congrats on Foster Failure!!! Welcome Flash!

  • Happy Belated Birthday, Flash! How lucky you are to get a great home. I'm glad that your parents were foster failures! : ). I keep trying to be a foster failure but my hubby says we are a two dog family. Lol
    I know you will have many years of happiness!!! Xoxo
  • Happy, happy birthday, Flash.

    nandcbeach birthday

  • Such a beautiful face, and to see it peeking out from under the tree, well that was to precious !

  • Jane, don't you think Flash looks just like your Stuart? Every time I see Flashlight I think of Stuart!
  • Flash is as precious as can be and I think if he had to be re-homed - he got the best momma EVER!  I look into those eyes and melt - great job on a Foster Fail!!!

  • Happy Birthday sweet Fashlight!
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