It's my BIRTHDAY and I'll POUT if I want to!


To my dear DK family,

Today is my 3rd birthday but you can clearly see that I am having myself a "Pity Party" rather than a birthday party.  For those of you who know and love me, you may want to print out the above pic and save it as a the last one of me by myself.  My world as I know it has changed and no one at my house had the common courtesy to ask me if I wanted it to.  I'm blaming it on that dumb group that keeps asking my mom to foster random doodles.  Well, now look what is staying PERMANENTLY at my house...


Between you and me, I have never really minded when mom brought in a foster.  Having someone to play with is always fun, but it's also nice when they go home.  Unfortunately for me, this guy isn't going anywhere.  My mom and dad fell head-over-hills for him -- almost like it was "love at first sight!"  I heard my mom say his name was FLASH and say stupid things like "it's meant to be."  For those of you who don't know, our last name is LIGHT, but I'm here to tell you that we have plenty of flashlights around here already.

3356584227?profile=originalWe have all shapes and sizes of flashlights, but apparently they wanted another one, one that would snuggle up to them, something that I don't really do.  Tell me, my DK friends, how can I compete?  Even I have to admit that he's a pretty nice boy, and thankfully, that darn-awful puppy stage is behind us.  I heard my mom say his first birthday is Christmas Day and that he's her Christmas present.  Isn't that just so sweet?? (gag)  I'm not going to waste your time now with lots of photos of Flash, because I have a feeling my mom will be flooding DK Iwith pics of him soon.  Let me just show you, though, how well we are getting along...

3356584296?profile=original3356584337?profile=originalIf this past week is any indication, my life as KING of the HOUSE is history.  I really thought things were great around here...after all, my mom and dad already had two dogs that love them dearly -- me and Courtney, the bossy Jack Russell.  Did my family NEED another dog?  Unfortunately, when I asked my dad that same question, he said, "Knox,  it's not a need, but a WANT!"  I'm not sure if I need or want him, but it looks like he's here to stay.  My mom is giving me this opportunity to pout (what are DK friends for?) but she says tomorrow our profile name will change to "Doris, Knox & Flash."  I'm just wondering...was "Foster Fail" already token??


Merry Christmas, y'all,

from Knox and his new brother!

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  • Well, Doris, a two dood family now!! Flash is a very lucky boy to get into the Light family and have Knox as the Headlight. Congratulations, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthdays to you all! So much fun ahead. XOXO
  • As you know I am "happy happy" for you Doris, and Knox, pouting is not your real feelings now is it? We all know you love Flash (Light ha ha). OH and Happy Birthday to you, don't let your Mom get away with that double birthday party nonsense either just because they a close.

  • Wow!! Miss a week - miss a lot!  Cograts to Doris and Knox!  I bet you will be the perfect big brother Knox.  Happy Birthday buddy!

  • Happy Birthday Knox! Sorry that you are upset about the intruder in your life but I have a feeling that soon you will think it is a great idea to have him there. Just think of the mischief you can get into now that you have someone to blame! Hoo Woo! Oh, the possibilities! Hope to see you smiling soon! xoxo TaraBear

  • Oh my Knox - you sure gave me a chuckle.  Listen - I'm sure every First - as in you were there first - feels the same way that you are.  Then as time goes by and he really becomes your brother - I just know that like my boys - you two will be inseparable!!!  Happy  Birthday Knox - I'm thinking Flash is going to be your best present ever!

  • Knox.... I can only imagine how you feel.... I was shocked the other night when my mom brought me over to play and see the flashlight. I had no idea she was talking about a Doodle named Flash and that he was your new brother. I just wanted to play with you... And he didn't get it. I'm sure he is nice, but he was so overwhelming the other day it was just too much.. Just remember this... You and I knew each other first!!! Please don't forget about me.... I love our playtime!
    Love, Shelby
  • What great news! Flash is just adorable and it looks like Know is adjusting nicely!! You will have twice the doodle fun now!

    And Happy Birthday to Knox!


  • Knox, First of all Happy Birthday!  This is Gordie (as in Flash Gordon), the Springer.  Life is really tough in some families.  I was really happy with my lab mix Uncle. 

    THEN my mom had instant love with:3366220059?profile=original

    And all he did was steal my fuzzy balls!  I was so depressed.


    Then they rescued this!  And I felt like I was getting pushed out by all the fluff!

    It was so depressing at first.  But then....... magic happened and, like you it became pretty fun.

    3366220020?profile=originalSo.... good luck,

    Your pretend doodle buddy,

    Gordie as in Flash......

  • Oh right! And she fits her name : )

  • Yes, F, but Doris is D.Light. ;o)

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