Hi everyone,with shaking hands I pressed the "send" button and then my application for the puppy waiting list at Rutland Manor was gone.And today I received the confirmation that my name is on it!How exciting......I still cannot believe it.When I announced the news at my work the best and funniest comment I got was,"So technically you are pregnant with a puppy now"Funny how life can go into directions which you never had imaged.Half a year ago I didn't had any dog and now I am going to have 2 soon.I am already curious how Benny will react when his new sibling won't be leaving again after a few hours of playing like his other doggy friends.If the cats will be annoyed again for the first days and will only enter and leave the house through the windows upstairs before they accept the new housemate.I know it's going to be still a while until all these things will happen but I am already looking forward to it.Hopefully at that time Benny has passed puberty otherwise it could get really exhausting.The whole puppy circus starts again: no sleep longer than 3 hours in a row the first nights, hours of stupid staring at the puppy because you cannot take your eyes off such a cute little thing, a lot of cleaning, puppy classes, and patience patience patience. Who wouldn't love that?
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  • Congrats on the new puppy - even if it is a little early. I love that the comment from work was that you were pregnant with a puppy.
  • How exciting!!!!
  • Congratulations... I am sure that Benny will take to his new sibling and they will have years of fun together. Additionally, I am sure you will have years of enjoyment watching them have fun together! One dog is great! The joy of multiple dogs increased geometrically!
  • FANTASTIC! There is nothing more exciting then getting a new puppy!
  • Congratulations Zoe...I like your description of the shaking hand about to press "Send" -- I feel like I do that a lot! Rarely do I make a big decision without a little anxiety at least! It will be fun to have really will. Now you can take ALL YEAR to plan =)
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