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This past week has been quite daughter has been sick since Tuesday and I have been home with her. I will be taking off one more day to make sure she is 100% before I take her back to daycare. I do not want to send her back too early and then get a call later that day to have to pick her up again.

So, it was me, Rylie and Bear. To watch Bear with her has been amazing......................she did get annoyed with his constant sniffing and kissing, but I kept on explaining to her he was checking on her. He did this the entire week. He continued to pace back and forth when she was upstairs sleeping. When she came down, he would follow her like a shadow. If she wanted a snack, he would follow. It was so darn cute :)

I really think their relationship this week has grown by leaps and bounds. To see how Bear differentiates the way he plays with her and her brother who is 8. Bear will roll around and knock Dylan down............while with Rylie, he will gently tugs her when she is gripping his toy and nug (sp?) her to get her to play with him. It is amazing how he can tell the difference.

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Comment by Adina P on January 13, 2009 at 12:29pm
isn't that sweet :-) I'm so happy that things worked out well between your daughter and Bear.


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