Labradoodle de-tailed

Well I am disgusted that in my local paper there is a 5 month old Labradoodle for adoption through our local OSPCA. The cute little white fluff ball was surrendered by its owner. The poor little guy had his tail docked because he wagged it so much and was getting bigger and knocking things over with it.  If I had the vet by the tail that did this I would put a little nick in his behind and see how it feels!

On a similiar note when in the city my son lives in last week while driving we saw a minature doberman that had his ears docked! I am really turned off by these useless surgeries on animals that only please the owners ego and the vets pocket books.

This is just so disheartening. 

Maybe I could get a vet to do my tummy tuck! 

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  • That is horrific. I am really impressed by your doubleuntundra in the title though!
  • This makes me ill. Too bad they didn't surrender him BEFORE they had his tail docked. I can't imagine a vet doing this surgery because of a wagging tail.
  • I hate seeing dogs with docked tails, cropped ears etc. Its un-natural and un-necessary. I LOVE doodle (and poodle) tails and love seeing the happiness show when a dogs tail is up high!
  • Terrible, just terrible.  I love having a dog with a tail and wouldn't consider doing docking unless it was medically necessary due to an injury.  Many folks have asked me why I had Duke's tail docked and I explain that the "breeder" had it done.  She also raised poodles and their tails were docked as short as Duke's.  These are the pictures of Duke that I saw on the internet when I was looking for a LD.  Would you have guessed he didn't have a tail?  It didn't even occur to me that he didn't, so why would I ask?  When I arrived to pick him up (after driving several hours) I saw quite a few puppies running around, all with docked tails.  I asked her where my puppy was and she pointed to Duke.  I asked her, "Where is his tail"? Her reply was that she wants to give people what they want.  I told her I wanted a tail.  I decided to take him home and the rest is history.  Duke is handsome with or without a tail but it seems like some of his personality was taken away.  I love to see Sheba wag her tail.  Sometimes if my dogs are standing just right Sheba's tail is lined up with Duke's rear end and it kinda looks like he has a tail he as a tail. : )  I know these aren't the same circumstances under which that poor little puppy lost his tail but I still don't agree with what this so called breeder did.  (This is the same breeder that when I contacted her to tell her that Duke suffered from Atopic Dermatitis and required allergy shots and that she should not breed those dogs again, her reply was that she would take it under consideration. WTD?!?!? It is just a shame that these things go on.  Although I have become more educated in the past few years regarding back yard breeders, etc. and would never again go the route I did to get my own dogs, I do feel guilty for buying a puppy from this so called breeder.  On the other hand, I love my boy and he has a great life.  : )  





  • Like you Lorraine, I am disgusted!
  • That is truly malpractice if you ask me. Did the owner's think maybe they should have moved the things that got knocked over.
  • That's terrible, Lorraine. It actually makes me sick. I cannot believe anyone would agree to perform this on a young dog. Absolutely disgusting. I'm glad they surrendered him....hopefully he'll get adopted by a wonderful family who will treat him right.
  • I agree!  That is pitiful for the poor dog.  He was punished for being a happy guy.  Yes...let's get all our vets to do tummy tucks!  That is a GREAT idea!  I wonder if my pet insurance would pay...
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