This was Lacey's first 4th of July with us and I was not sure how she would react.  She is so scared of everything that I feared the worst.  I didn't know if she would panic in the house or not (I definitely knew I was not going to let her outside during the "action").  We did not attended either of the fireworks shows that take place near us this year because I was too tired from a 10k race in the morning.  It was an early bedtime for me so I was laying in bed when the first boom sounded outside.  To my surprise Lacey quietly crawled up in bed between DH and I; something she never does.  She creeped to the top of the bed and laid her head on my pillow.  She wasn't panting heavy or shaking but she did keep pushing her under my hand so that my hand was resting on her shoulder.  I just scratched her shoulder and kept saying "Its OK Lacey" or "what a brave girl you are".  Shortly after the fireworks were over Lacey gave my hand a couple of kisses and she hopped off our bed to return to her own.  If DH hadn't been there to confirm I would have sworn that I dreamed it all.

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  • :)  She reminds me of a teenager.  They love you so much but really don't want you to know. They keep a good distance .... until they melt on you from time to time.  Then off they go again acting like they really don't need you.  But out of the corner of their eye  you never leave their sight.   :)   Happy Fourth to you too, Lacey. 

  • How sweet this sounds.  Lacey knows that you will take care of her and finds comfort in that.

  • Lacey clearly knows who her "momma" is and where to go to be safe and comforted!!  So glad you found each other!!

  • I am so grateful that Lacey found her way to you and Phil, Nina. She ended up right where she belongs, and she obviously knows it.

  • Nina, You have made such a difference in Lacey's life. This is just the sweetest story :)

  • Such a sweet story. Thank you for posting, letting us know how precious your girl is and how she has learned she can trust you always.

  • Nina, that just makes my heart smile.  Bless her heart, and bless yours and Phil's for loving her.  I am glad there were fireworks just so you all could have the experience of Lacey coming to you for support.

  • That's so wonderful. She felt very safe with you - you have definitely earned her trust and that is wonderful!

  • What a great outcome!  WTG Lacey!!

  • Awww.... Lacey just needed some reassurance everything would be ok... good girl :)

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