Laurie, can I join the POOP BLOG club?

We took Quincy for his first Agility Class!  I figured he would love it since he can scale a fence from a standing position and amused himself all winter jumping over the huge snow mounds at the top of our driveway.  The back of the house was completely walled off with snow mounds, and I was wondering how he was getting to the front drive-then I saw his leap over and realized he was not scrambling up and over, he was flying up and over!  

So, off to indoor class we went.  My DH is a really good sport and he dutifully came with us and even came down on the track floor and helped entice Quincy to run through the long tunnel and jump the small hurdles.  I resisted bragging about how he could do those 6 inch high hurdles in his sleep, and patiently listened to the instruction about the difference in luring with a treat and rewarding.  yawn.  but the instructor seemed super patient and very kind.  good thing.....

Yup- Quincy started the poop dance circle about mid section of the course on the nice rubber flooring.  Not just a poop, he did a MASSIVE, mushy size of Indiana liquid, poop. It was so much fun for both of us to get on our hands and knees and try to wipe up his masterpiece while the rest of the class watched from the stage at the back.  I am sure they were all swearing at us for wasting floor time.  The instructor was very nice "Oh, it happens!" was her first comment.  She could have left out the "But usually in puppy class" that she next uttered under her breath....I am expecting a surcharge for the paper toweling we used.  We were also questioned rather thoroughly about his dietary intake, but thank goodness Buffalo Blue passed muster.  I was hoping Dog Protective Services was not going to come get us. 

So we eventually got a reasonable clean up done and with that Quincy was to do some off leash over the hurdles. Off leash.  hmmmm. He did do a few jumps but then -  Off he flew in the other direction, snagged one of the small plastic cups used to mark the course and off he went, circling and taunting us, trying to get us to chase, chewing merrily away on the cone.  I never knew the term FRAPPing is an acronym  until our lovely instructor told us: Frenetic, Random, Active...something.  I didn't catch what the P stood for. Maybe because of all the blood in my face and hence my ears was blocking my hearing.

We were not told we can't come back, but it was suggested we take him out between our turn on the track next time.  

He does look good though, right? 3356628951?profile=original


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  • Quincy looks amazing, he sounds like Max at agility class minus the massive poop :)

  • Just wait, Quincy will show them his true skills.  Right now he is just being the class clown :)

  • Well, you sure are cute, Quincy, and it sounds like you had lots of fun.

  • Tell your instructor is is NOT FRAPPing, it is zoomies.  Cheesh! :-}

  • I am laughing, laughing, laughing -- because it wasn't my dog!  Thanks so much for sharing. TeeHee

  • It was probably because he could smell that other dogs had done the same thing that he thought it was ok!  Agility does look like fun.  If AnnaBelle ever gets an attention span longer than 10 seconds we might try it.

  • What a cutie.  I am sure he had a blast.

  • The worst I saw was a poor Sheltie that had explosive diarrhea inside a tunnel. This was at an indoor trial and we just threw that tunnel right outside. I pity the poor person who had to clean the inside of that thing out!!
  • For sure Karen. It was all about a good time. I had missed doing classes with him. It is so healthy to do classes and get the bond tuned up!
  • Elizabeth. What our guys have in common it seems is getting away with it based on good looks! If I do say so myself !
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