Lilly's 1st Birthday

Lilly had a great day for a birthday..We spent most of the day outside. I had made her a cake, so my grandaughter and I put party hats on and sang Happy Birthday to her. My DH did not join in, he mumbled something about us both being "NUTS" and went to the barn to feed..Oh well, He can't sing that good anyway. :-)
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  • Kathy - I'm glad you finally got my card - it took me long enough!! I love the pic on your page of the birthday cake and your husband's comments!! What in the world is that cake made of???? You do sound like a fun grandmother!!
  • What a yummy Cake Lilly! Hope you had a fun time!
  • Cute cake! Looks like everyone had a good time at the party. Happy Birthday Lilly!
  • What a lucky Doodle! Happy Birthday Lilly!!!
  • Too cute! What a great cake, too! Happy Birthday Lilly! :)
  • Happy Birthday Lilly
    That's a beautiful cake. What a nice thing to do for Lilly but especially for your grandaughter! They must both think you are the BEST !!!!!
  • Happy birthday, Lillly! You are a beautiful pup! Men, hrmph. If it weren't for us women, I don't think anything would ever be celebrated! Oh well, we still love them anyway.
  • Happy Birthday Lilly!! Looks like you had a great time!! Cute cake!!
  • Oh Lilly looks so sweet!!! Happy Birthday to you...
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