Lily & the Water Park

Lily & I attended a fund raiser for a local adoption center today.  "Doggie Paddle Pool Party" was a great success!  Lots of dogs, all shapes & sizes.  Availabe for use was an olympic size pool, 3ft kiddie pool, 1ft kiddie pool and a sprinkle park.

This was Lily's first experience in acutally having an opportunity to swim  where she couldn't touch bottom.  She didn't like it much.  We spent most of our time in the 1ft pool and the sprinkle park.  She loved the water slide in the sprinkle park but avoided the areas where the water fell heavy.  She was also excited by all the running play in this area.  After introducing her to the 1ft pool we tried the 3 ft on several occasions, just swimming a few feet from the steps then seeming to panic and splashed back to the steps.  Not really a doggie paddle but a very heavy splash.   In the 1ft pool however, I did coax her into jumping in a few times.  Overall a very fun time!  She & I both are pretty tired and resting.  Next time we may have to try a life jacket and see if she is more comfortable.  Enjoy the pics!3356545126?profile=original3356545174?profile=original3356545199?profile=original

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  • OMG....this is awesome!!!!!!!
  • This looks awesome!!! I'd be happy with a fenced dog park within an hours drive but a doggy!!!
  • HOW FUN!!! what a great idea!!  Rosey is jealous for sure!!
  • I love this idea, it sounds like so much fun for everyone. That must have been so cute to see her going down the slide. I know Quincy would have a ball.
  • Knox would LOVE this! What a great idea for a fund-raiser! Love your pics -- Lily is pretty doodle!!
  • So cute! We need one of those here!
  • Oh wow, this looks like so much fun!
  • Wow....what a great party. I know Vern would love one of those parties, but I don't think Fudge would. Glad you had fun.
  • Wow what a great facility.  Looks like she had a blast!
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